Monday, March 14, 2011


Yesterday was our first Sunday back to our ward. It was perfect! I needed it more than anything. It's hard to miss that many Sundays. Jett slept the whole time...which is totally opposite from Brody. But, we all know Brod's energy level.

We just got back from Jett's one month doctor appointment and here are his stats~
weight- 9lbs. 11oz. 50%
length- 22.5" 90%
I asked about his tummy problems and he has colic. He just has a hard time digesting the milk, but I've already seen improvement within the last week. So hopefully with one more month it should work itself out. He really is a sweet baby and it's so hard to see him in pain, when he just wants to relax.


Rachel Hatch said...

Yay Jett is so sweet! And you look amazing We can't wait to make another road trip down to Sierra Vista to visit again!

The standage family said...

Thank you for the pictures! The far away granny needed the fix. Love you and see you in a few weeks. Mom

Tracy said...

What a super handsome little boy, and I love the name Jett!

Adele said...

My baby needs me!!!!!

The Seiuli's said...

What a doll! I'm so glad he slept for you through church, he loves you! :)

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