Monday, November 14, 2011


Ahhh! He's nine months!
Is this the cutest picture ever? I'm obsessed!

This is what Jett is up to:
-Climbing up on anything...

-Being a crawling maniac
-Cruising around the furniture
-Standing. yep.
-And has taken some steps. Yikes.

-He has tons of determination.

-got his first tooth on Oct. 17th, & the 2nd a couple days later.
-I think he is about to get his top 2.

-Loves to be chased.
-Indiscriminately says mama. He's not a big talker. But a loud screamer.

-Loves his brother & will do anything he says.
-shakes his head "no" when anything is loud, or if there is music & he's dancing.
-Likes food. As long as it's not too runny, like baby food. Last night (above picture) he had black beans & avocados. I think he loved eating the same food we were.

Jett is such a sweetheart. He may not be a great napper, but his easy going personality is refreshing! I still can't believe how different each child is! Well we went to his 9 month appt. today. Had to get a shot, as well as the flu shot too. yuck. Here are his stats.

Head- 44cm 25%
Weight- 19lbs. 15 oz. 45%

Length- 28.5" 55%

Fall Fun Fair & Halloween

As you can tell I'm SO behind on my posts...

Every year our stake has a Fall Fun Fair. Brody loved it this year!

Our friends, the Folau family came down from Tucson!
Brody & Matai

Notice: the pumpkin on Brody's cheek. When we got back to grandma's house. He pulled grandma into the bathroom & asked her to wash it off, "because only girls wear make-up." That's my boy!
Brody Jumpin!

They had a little petting zoo...I couldn't get over how cute this pig was.

On our walk back to grandma's house...had to get a picture of Jett, who was a sweetheart the whole time. shocker.

Here is the pumpkin I previously talked about. The scary kitty cat.

The Skeleton & Pirate

We had a blast! Since there was no trunk or treat this year, we were on our own for trick or treating. Which we were kind of happy about. I wanted Brody to have the real Halloween experience. We first went to Grandmas' house & got a few fun treats! Then we had to visit our 3rd grandma, Heidi Klinefelter. We stayed in her neighborhood, which was pretty quiet. But every person we went to was so happy to see kids dressed up & let Brody take handfuls of candy. We finished up in our very quiet neighborhood. We stopped by our next door neighbor, who had 2 buckets full of candy & prizes for both Jett & Brody. Then went around door to door. I think we made a lot of people happy, we were some of their 1st trick or treaters. The next picture is all of the loot Brody came home with...and I ate. haha. That isn't even including the huge bowl of candy we were handing out, which wasn't touched. sad.

Friday, November 11, 2011

First Haircut

Right before Halloween I decided to give Jett a trim. It was getting pretty long on top. It really doesn't look bad, but he's got a lot of fine hair...also known as cat fur. haha


What we used: Sissors & suckers


He is so cute, & it unfortunately made him look older. boo.

And here's just a cute little video of Jett walking the bike around the backyard.

Pumpkins & Deer

This fall has been a fun one...and a busy one too. This is my favorite time of year & I hate when it gets too busy. Here is Jett with one of our Apple Annie's pumpkins. Lance ended up carving it just before Halloween....& according to Brody, it looked like a kitty cat. That's definitely not what Lance was going for.

A few weeks ago, Lance went on his deer hunt. It always seems to take the whole week for him to get a deer, so I always dread it. And with the fires this summer, I figured it was going to be a really hard year. So the boys & I headed up to Mesa, and left Lance, his dad, & Nate to go find some deer. To my surprise it only took him 2 days! Hooray! As it's been so busy, we haven't even had time to make jerky....I need some!

Sorry for the morbid picture of the poor deer. But I'm sure proud of him!

Scout Camp Out

Lance is now over the 11 yr. old scouts & is having a blast with these crazy hyper boys.

A couple weeks ago they went on their first camp out, Brody & Eli were lucky enough to go too!

The fire. no adult supervision. totally kidding.

Sweet Brody sleeping. Lance kept him warm all night & he never woke up once.

When they got home Brody & Jett sat on the steps waiting for parents to pick up the boys.
Can you tell Jett just woke up. This was his first taste of Ritz Crackers. And of course, loved it!

I don't know why, but this picture reminds me of Lance. I know I know...what picture doesn't?

But for some reason this look of Brody's, makes me immediately think of Lance

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