Thursday, June 21, 2012

Craig and Kristen's Wedding

What an eventful weekend!  Lance and I got to Mesa, mid-day Friday.  I headed straight to the Wright House to help set up for the Dinner.  Of course, the food was incredible and the decor was super cute! My mom did a great job as did my sisters!  Saturday morning we got up and got ready and headed to the temple, seriously besides my own it was one of the best sealings I've ever been to.  We were all so happy they were FINALLY married! We all went back to my parents and ate lunch and hung out till 5.  At 5:30/6 they had a ring ceremony for Kristen's family that aren't members of the church.  A storm decided to roll in and we had a nice wind storm during the ceremony.  It really cooled everything off, which was nice.  After that we rolled right into pictures and then the reception.  Jett got really cranky really fast, and Lance was nice enough to take Jett back to my parents so I could enjoy the party.  They had dancing, which is not like our family at all.  But it was such a blast!  Brody especially loved hearing and requesting his favorite rock and Dj got us fallin in love.  There was quite a bit of drama, but the fun and happiness far out weighed the bad! We are all so glad these to found each other and are finally married! Sorry some of these pictures are terribly blurry.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

House Update

At the end of May the concrete was finished and they put the grout lines in for our floors.

Next the walls went up!  The next series of pictures happened over a 2 week period. 

Brody was a good little helper.  He hated our house being littered with the worker's trash.  So he picked up all the garbage and put all the nails in a pile. 

Here is the family room
And the kitchen
They have just about finished the framing.  Not pictured is the finished bar, the arches, the garden tub steps, and the entertainment center.  We're hoping to get a bit more done before the monsoons come in full force.  We are really excited and can't wait for Sept./Oct.

Let Summer Begin

Summer began at the end of May for us & has yet to slow down...
We headed to Safford for the Clawson Family Reunion.  The boys had fun playing with cousins at the playground and in the "concrete whale pool."  It was an interesting weekend with the wind and heat.  However, we were lucky enough to stay at Lance's Aunt's ranch house.  It was beautiful and so relaxing.

When we got home we had our first water play time.  It took Brody a while to warm up to the sprinkler, since he hates to be wet and thinks he has to change his clothes immediately. 

Jett wasn't a fan of the water or the grass.

Later that week we decided to pull out the pool...I think it's getting a bit small. 

This picture has a great story to go along.  One day I was having an emotional day (PMS).  I for some reason was crying and Brody was doing everything possible to cheer me up.  He would sing a silly song, say something funny, and then finally he looked at me with this grin and said "mom, just try and smile like this. Come on mom, you can do it. See it's easy"

Family and Friends