Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Send 1, get 36!!!

What child doesn't LOVE books?
I do! haha.
Well, I just got a chain letter from a cousin and I think it's such an awesome idea. Basically, You send one new children's book and you get 36 in return. I know this sounds like such a scam, but I assure you it's not! I need 6 friends to help keep this going. So if your interested PLEASE let me know by the end of the week.
I know you all really want a huge stack of books..as do I!!!
And email me if you need more info, and even if your slightly interested I can mail you the information!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SiStA BIrThdaY shOut OuT!!

Five of these girls had a birthday this month!!! woohoo!

1. Amy Cakes- Amy's birthday was on the 6th! I'm so grateful to have her as a sister-in-law! She is so dang talented and so fun to sit and talk with. Amy is an awesome writer! Happy Belated Birthday Amy!!!

2. Brianne- Today is Brianne's 15th birthday! I love this girl! She is so fun to hang out with!!! I can't believe she is one year away from being 16! Although she is SO mature, I still can't help but remember her as a little 6 year old with a cute high pitched voice! ha ha! Love ya Sis!

3. Momasita- On the 27th, it's my beautiful momma's birthday! I'm sure she doesn't want me to publicise how old she is....but she definitely doesn't look it! She has been the best mother I could ask for. Come on she has to be the best...she had 8 kids! Have a happy day, We love you mom!

4. Bridget and Annette- aka "the twins" These two beauties turn 18 on the 29th!!! CRAZY!!! And they are graduating from MVT too!!! They are definitely too old! Happy Birthday Twiners WE LOVE YOU TWO!


I thought that this would be a fun post, to think of all the nicknames family and friends give you!
David Lance Clawson
Lancer, Lawrence, Lancey, daveed(spanish), Lance-Lot-Link, Sexy Husband(OK that's only from me, haha), Wancy, Lancey-poo
Chelsea Standage Clawson
Chels, Tessie Mae, Chestnut, Celsius, Cheltsea, Shultsee
David Brody Clawson
Bo-dy, Bo Bo, Little Man, Baby Gee Gee, Brody Man, Brod, Bode, Sweet Pea, Stinky
Try it!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eight Months

I can't believe Brody is 8 months! Time is just flying way too fast. Isn't true, time goes so much faster when you have kids! Well, here's some things about Brod.

1. He loves to go out with us and steal food off our plates. This picture happens to be at Texas Roadhouse, where Brody tried his first steak! And of course he Loved it!

2. He is such a goober! He rocks back and forth on this little toy...he thinks he is such a dare devil. haha.

3. Brody has a fascination with the laundry baskets. I don't have a problem with it, bc it contains him for a bit, so I can get something done. haha.

4. Brody LOVES his daddy! It's so fun to watch his face when Lance comes home from work. He lights up and crawls to him as fast as he can.

5. Brody is a little snuggler! I love curling up with him and watching Disney movies!
Brody has two little teeth, and wants to eat everything! haha. He is a crawling maniac, and is into everything! He loves to go on drives because he can now see out the window! And he LOVES tv!

Family and Friends