Thursday, August 30, 2012

Untitled...Maybe 'Crazy' Could Work

What a crazy couple of weeks.  It seems like we never stop, and I don't even have kids in school. ha.  We were going to put Brody in preschool, however,  with us building a new house and being crazy busy we thought we shouldn't.  Plus, he misses the cut off for kindergarten by 12 days so that means he would be in preschool for 2 years before kindergarten, So we are passing on it this year.  Two weeks ago we planned to go on a couple's vacation to my parents cabin at Roosevelt Lake.  We did go, but the night before we left Lance got a call to meet with the Bishop.  He was called as the Young Mens President.  He couldn't be happier being back in Young Mens, he loves those boys.  So we had to cut our trip short by leaving in time to get back to church.  I was very excited that I wasn't going to be in Nursery and going to Relief Society, for the first time in 3 years!  I walked into Sunday School and one of our couselors pulled me aside and asked if I could sub in Nursery.  Curses! It was a pretty awful day...I was burnt to a crisp from being at the lake,  Jett was overly tired and crying at me, and to be honest I was burnt out from being in Nursery.  That week I got a call to meet with the Bishop,  I was pretty nervous, and didn't contain my emotions very well, when he asked me to be the Relief Society Secretary.  This was a much needed calling and I'm very excited for it!  Not to mention I'm working and going to learn from some awesome women!

 We have been taking many many trips out to see our house. Basically every day we drive out there.  They have made some amazing progress and our move-in date has been changed from November to possibly the beginning of October!!!  The boys get filthy every time we go out there, but I think it's so fun for them to play in our house now.  Brody loves to take me to his room and show me where he is going to put everything.  This week they finished texturing the outside and started putting on the roof.  Inside, Chad put in all of our light fixture and I'm in love with them.  The paintesr finished up inside and once again, I'm in love with all the colors we chose.
 The entry is Lance's favorite part.  It's the first place he goes and opens the door and acts like he's visitor. haha. (ps. the door hasn't been painted yet.)
 Here is the kitchen bar and dining room.
 These are the fans we found on sale...I don't even know how we got them so cheap.  But I love them in every room.
 Aaaaand finally, my baby chandelier over my garden tub. love it. I guess it was a beast to put together...woops.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Change is Good

The first change for our family is Jett is 18 months!!! Yay! I think I would be more excited about this, except I've been in Nursery for the past year with him, and he isn't happy unless I'm not there.  Sad.  Jett is growing so big, he is finally getting some more teeth.  He deals with it pretty well and I think he is enjoying some extra chompers.  He still doesn't talk much which make communication frustrating for both sides.  He says "uh, oh" "hi" and occasionally momma and dadda.  He is really good at pointing and whinning/screaming. haha. Jett is into everything, like every toddler, but MORE.  I find him on the counter all the time and is constantly pulling things out of cupboards. Jett is still lactose sensitive and drinking lactose-free milk...the price for that stuff is crazy, so every once in a while I give him a cup of regular milk, but he always throws it up. He is still a great napper and night time sleeper, thank goodness.  Boys with this much energy have to crash sometime.

A couple weeks ago, I needed a change in my daily life and decided to get out of town.  As in, target and the "mall" just weren't cutting it.  So we took a day trip to Tucson.  We headed to the zoo first and Brody loved it.  I was a little disappointed that many of the animals weren't out.  Jett made a great face at the lizards.
After the zoo we headed to lunch at chick-fil-a, yummo, I so wish we had one down here.  We also went to the mall did some clothes shopping and then to world market and I did some major dreaming!

We've had some great monsoons this year, with it raining almost every afternoon since the beginning of July.  With rain comes growing grass and weeds.  We are slowly trying to pick up, clean, deep clean the house and yards before we move and another family moves in.  Here is a picture of the boys helping daddy mow the lawns.

Another exciting change is our house! It's a bit farther than these pictures.  They have taped and are starting to texture the walls today.  Then starting Friday they are going to start the stucco and the shelving in the closets.  I was trying to be the realist and say we would be in by December while our contractor said November.  However, everyone we have talked to says they would be surprised if we weren't in by October.  That would make me the happiest person!

Another change came on Sunday.  The very anticipated ward boundaries.  We decided a few weeks ago that when they realigned the boundaries in the stake that we would start going to the ward where our house is being built.  We are sad to leave our friends who are now in 1st and 5th ward, but so excited for a fresh start and new people.  We are shocked and excited that my in-laws are in our ward also.  We will be gone on our last hurrah to the lake this weekend so the following Sunday will be a first in our new Hereford Ward!

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