Thursday, October 7, 2010

San Fran

We had quite the time in San Francisco, I must say it's SO much different than Arizona...
There were SO many homeless people and street performers, on Fisherman's Wharf.

My pictures are all out of order, but this is just below Ghiradelli Square. Where we ate some delicious chocolate!

After a while we got really sick of the stinky fish smell at Fisherman's Wharf (and we love fish), but this was a place where they bring the crab and lobsters from off the ships.

Here's me at 20 weeks pregnant...yes I'm finally showing, for all those who didn't believe I was even pregnant.

Just outside of the Trolley station

Fashion heaven= Union Square
Unfortunately I had to limit my shopping, because I have a husbands who hates shopping with a passion...

We found this pizza shop that was SO good, we could have each eaten at least 5 more of these massive pieces.

Pier 39 was so fun to walk around, and this picture was for Brody who loves mac n cheese.

This is on our way to Alcatraz (I kept calling it Azkaban...yes from HP...there same thing anyway right?)

On our bay cruise around the golden gate bridge.

All in all we had a great time, it was a much needed getaway. Would I ever go to San Fran again...nope. It's a pretty dirty place. Yes there was a parade and yes there were naked men. yuck. The food wasn't as great as I was hoping. China town- disgusting. haha. But honestly, Lance and I had a great time laughing our heads off at everything.

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