Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Sampler...

So I finally got my pictures together and there not really in order but oh well, I'm sure all of you can figure it out!

Baby Boy's Room.
Yes, his name is still unknown. I know I've made a couple of friends and family....frustrated. But we are meerly protecting ourselves from name stealers and unwanted comments. Not that we're choosing some off the wall name. And because it's kinda fun to know something that everyone else doesn't!

But here is the baby's room some what finished. We've painted, got the crib, clothes, all the essentials and an ottoman....And my mom is bringing the glider when she comes down! Ok the room is livable, that's all we need right?

This is the garden, that Lance and I are so proud of. It consists of corn and a pumpkin plant. I think we will be able to make some moolah selling the corn at the local farmer's market.
Ok I'm totally joking. But we're gonna get a lot, so heads up if anyone wants some corn in the fall.

37 Weeks
I feel huge! maybe a lot like a hippo. I can't remember how it feels to not have a belly! Did you ever feel like maybe this would never end, that you would just live the rest of your life looking this way. Well, only 3 weeks till D-day...hopefully sooner than later.

And here's our house. And yes "I drive a Dodge Stratus,"(Will Ferrell- SNL). We moved in the beginning of July, and are renting from a wonderful family friend. This has been such a huge blessing in our lives. Just when we were looking into buying, she asked us if we would rent her house, for an incredible price!

Monday, August 11, 2008

One Month to Go...

As of last Saturday I only have one month to go, Thank goodness! We are so excited for this baby to come. His room is almost done!

Thanks to my mom and sister, I was able to have a shower in Mesa. It was so much fun!
And then, last Friday, I was lucky enough to have a shower in Sierra Vista, Thank you Camille and Marlee! And thank you to everyone who spoiled me! All the gifts are much appreciated and have helped Lance and I get ready for our baby to come!

Family and Friends