Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And the Verdict is...

I have jury
So on Tuesday I was summond to Jury duty...and of course I got chosen out of 120 people...and of course it's a five week trial.
So you won't be seeing me for a while. I will be serving in the Bisbee courthouse Tuesday through Friday from 9am-430pm for the next five weeks.
I'm very upset to leave my baby. I have cryed at least four times about it. But I have a wonderful husband that has helped me out a TON!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

No More Excuses

So I think I have finally got Brody on a schedule. I have partially weaned him from nursing and I THINK he is finally taking regular naps...SO...

So I'm not prego any more...which is good and bad. Well we all know why it is good. But bad because I have NO MORE EXCUSES!!! So I must get on a schedule

Problem #1. I can't eat WHATEVER I want.
Solution- I have to put myself on a eating more snacking. I'm gonna hate this.

Problem #2. I have never been on a diet nor have I really exercised on a regular basis. But I have this little zebra striped jelly belly...named flabby gabby who is in desperate need of toning. Plus it's swimsuit season, and I'm ordering this soon...

Solution- I've started walking every morning and also doing some of those work out videos...I know I's for Gabby, k.

Problem #3. I am ghost white...nuff said. and I don't like tanning fake and way bad for the skin!

Solution- so it's finally getting warm so when I was in Mesa this last week I purchased a couple of these from Old Navy

They are so comfy and I wear them everywhere. And my legs are getting tan as I'm walkin around! Oh and I'm wearing shorts too! woohoo. I LOVE spring/summer!

If you have any more help to these problems I would LOVE the advise! Seriously!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Six Months

Yep he is SIX MONTHS today!

It's gonna be a short post. Brody has his Dr. appt. on Monday so no stats. But we've had a crazy week. Lance possibly broke his foot playing basketball with the YM at mutual on Tuesday. So this evening we have an appt. with a pediatrist and we will see what gonna happen. So I will post more on our little Brod later!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Naked + Sports = Typical Boy

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mutual Feelings

Lance and I have been ADDICTED to the Bachelor. And we were both so excited for this finale. And all I have to say is Jason is such a jerk and an idiot! And

Well I'm so done getting upset about this show, Lance and I went to bed in shock and so mad. So this morning I went walking at the park track and I was hearing the funniest conversations from every group of women. "Jason's such a jerk"..."stupid Molly"..."What a B******". Seriously every woman walking was talking about it and I got asked about it every time I passed someone....non the feelings.

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