Saturday, August 21, 2010


Sorry no pictures, little man lost my camera- so I'm sorry if this is a boring post.

This past 2 weeks have been probably the most rewarding weeks a parent and mother could have. Brody has grown up a ton and I'm so proud of him.
1. As a mother you don't expect to hear please and especially thank you on a daily basis, but the last thing I wanted was when I thought about our children was an annoying, rude child. We began pretty young with Brody, prompting him to say the magic words. I'm sure it seemed to many, as at times it seemed to me that he would never say those words. He said please quite often, especially when he really really wanted something. He now say thank you when I give him a drink, or get a toy down for him, and I think one of the best was when we both finished putting his books back up on the shelf he looked at me and said, "choo choo." (thank you). He makes me SO proud.
2. Brody has always been a great sleeper, we give him his binkie and blankets and he lays down and goes right to sleep. Well, he began fighting it, and about a week ago he got so angry that he dove over his crib and banged his head on the ground. As much as I wasn't ready for him to move into another bed and room, I never wanted him to get hurt again. The first night was great- only because he didn't think he could get off the bed. It has slowly gotten better, and Brody is in a big queen bed...lucky he hasn't fallen off either!
3. Nursery hasn't been the easiest place for Brod. He always had a hard time with big groups of kids and has some major separation anxiety. Last Sunday, I decided to take him and instead of sneaking out, I would just tell him straight up that mommy had to go to her class and I would be back to pick him up. Of course it didn't go over well, but I left anyway. Every time I passed the nursery, I so badly wanted to peak in, but I didn't want him to see me. So I really didn't know if he was still in there, or if he ended up with daddy. At the end of class I went to get Brody, and shockingly there he was, and he didn't start crying when he saw me! Instead, he just wanted to show me the bubbles! This was probably the biggest obstacle for us to overcome, with me in Primary and Lance in YM, we really needed him to stay in nursery so we could teach our classes.
Our little boy has grown up a ton! I know a lot of people don't want there kids to grow up, but now that it's making life easier, I'm not sad at all- I'm loving it! Brody has his alphabet down, knows his numbers by looking at them, and can count to 3. He now only has his binkie during naps and bedtime, and has become such a help to me while I've felt so yucky- He puts things away for me, and throws garbage in the trash for me. We love our boy and I know he's going to be a great and helpful big brother!

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