Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

April 7th, we headed to Thatcher for our Allred Easter Picnic out at the corrals. We had yummy hot dogs & hamburgers, french fries & onion rings & of course the best desserts! The men had a roping contest, the women chatted it up & the kids colored Easter eggs, had an egg hunt & did a pinata. It was a blast!

Brody & Jett love the tire swing.

The eggs & colored hands

Jett is the youngest, so he was up first.

Mariah's turn.


No doubt these boys were tired. That happens when there are no naps & energetic kids!

Brody getting for his turn...He had been waiting ALL day...

Finally Brody's turn.

The kids ran for the as much candy as they could grab. Jett was satisfied with 2 boxes of Dots.

Lathan, Lance, & Calvert.

We had a fun time & always look forward to family get together in Thatcher. We left around 4 to head home. We got to the highway and then realized we weren't ready to leave. So we decided to turn around & go hang out with Calvert & Jac. The kids hung out, we had dinner, & didn't leave until 8pm. Which was perfect for the boys to sleep all the way home.

Easter was the next day. Brody has been so excited for the Easter bunny to come. A funny little story that happen a couple weeks ago: We get quite a few bunnies down here & there were 2 in our backyard. Brody saw them & asked why they were at our house. I jumped at the opportunity to 'scare' Brody into being a good boy and told him that they were the Easter Bunnies spies. It actually helped. Anywho, I decided to keep the baskets simple this year, each boy got a book & a package of peeps. Also, Brody has been big into watching Max & Ruby, and in one of the episodes there is a chocolate chicken. Therefore, Brody wanted a chocolate chicken. I couldn't find one, but he was very happy with his chocolate bunny & ate it for lunch. Church isn't until 1pm, which I'm so over. It's such a hard time for the boys, not to mention nursery. Well, here we are in our Easter getup.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with Lance's family. When we got home we put a very tired Brody to bed & we hung out with Jett. It got very quiet & this is what we found. He some how opened the PEZ Bunny & sucked on the candy wrappers until he could bite the candy out. Seriously this kid is a total monkey, which will be a post of it's own come very soon.

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