Friday, September 25, 2009

On the Agenda...

This has been such a busy last week. Lance has been working like a mad-man, and I have hardly seen him. So I had to get everything done, before our trip. But here's where we will be the next week and a half...

1. Leaving this morning for mesa! I'm finally getting my hair cut! I'm desperate!

2. Monday is my Grandpa's funeral. So we had to change our flights...Delta people are very sympathetic, and were nice enough to wave all the fees!

3. Leave Tuesday morning, and get to Idaho Falls, ID around noon(I like our new flights...they are getting us there faster!). Hanging out with Lance's mission comp. and his family!

4. Friday we are driving down to Salt Lake City and meeting up with Lance's mom and dad and sisters. And going to visit people and places that his sister went on her mission.

5. Saturday/Sunday we are going to General Conference! I'm so dang excited! I've never been, I can't wait!

6. And then we drive the long....8-10 hours home. I'm super nervous about that one-with Brod. Considering he hates being in the car for longer than 5 min.!

I'll have pictures and such when I get back! booya!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grandpa Standage

My Grandpa Standage passed away yesterday afternoon.

The last few times we went to visit him, his Alzheimer's was getting real bad. But he always made us laugh, and told us at least twice, "it's ok, I meet new friends everyday!" haha. He is such a sweet man, and I was lucky enough to be the 21st grandchild sealed in the temple to my husband by him. We love him so much and will miss him.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Feelin Yucky

This week has been TERRIBLE! Tuesday night it started with a sore throat....Wednesday I had a complete cold. Colds stink but their manageable. I figured I would start feeling better, plus I babied myself because I have a one year old to take care of and I have to go on the pioneer trek on Saturday. Unfortunately, I just kept getting worse. So on top of that, Thursday afternoon, I started to feel nauseous...which turned into not keeping anything down all night and today. I got right into the doctor's about 2 hours ago, and I'm not too happy with the outcome. At first I had every symptom for the SWINE FLU!!! Yikes. I about peed my pants. But I have congestion, which is not a symptom of the swine flu nor the regular flu. So the Doctor, basically has no idea what I have...GREAT! So we just treat the symptoms till all is well. Hopefully these suppositories will start workin fast. Oh, I feel terrible too, they had to get a replacement for Lance and I on the trek. I feel so bad that this happened. Oh, then my sweet baby is starting to get all congested....I'm doin everything I can to not give it to him. Bummer of a week!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


My Big Boy's Party!
(sorry for the past 2 post being a major picture over load!)
The day was PERFECT!
Had some lunch with cousins, got the house cleaned, and Brody had two-2 hour naps! BOOYA!!!

Here's the BIG cake....I wish I could say that I made it, but all the credit goes to Costco! And of course it was absolutely FABULOUS!!!

Here is Luci (neighbor), Grandma Clawson, and Aunt Andrea

Daddy cookin some yummy hamburgers and hot dogs!

I know Holly's going to mad for me putting this one in....but I had to! haha. Also pictured, Corey, Jordan, and Samson!

CAKE TIME!!! Of course he LOVED it. Until, he rubbed his eyes and then he was mad....


Then we started to open presents. He got spoiled ROTTEN!!! Here is the Lion that Grandma got Brod.! He LOVED it and kept giving it kisses.

This is the toy we got Brody. He LOVES it too. He still can't quite get on it or push with his feet-by himself. So he usually pushes the back and presses the buttons. HEY maybe it will help him walk...

He was such a good and happy boy...especially with so many people and kids around stealing his toys...haha.


Told ya he got spoiled...nah just loved! Thank you to everyone who brought food and Brody a gift. Also to those who sent cards and Granny for the fun music card...that B played with ALL morning! And to those who drove down- Andrea, Holly, Chad and Rachel, and Trevor and Adrienne!

After everyone left, I made Brod a bottle and let him lay down and watch some tv before bedtime. He had a better idea I guess! haha. (Thanks Kimber for the ball pit!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Brody!

And the monthly posts of baby Brody comes to an end. Yesterday, I spent the entire day in Tucson, getting thing for Brody's birthday. I went to the mall, then to Toys R Us, and finally Costco-where it finally hit me. My baby isn't a baby anymore! I pick up the cake (if you haven't had Costco are missin out!) And on the front it says "happy 1st birthday Brody," and I almost started to cry, and while going through the store, if I looked down at the cake, I would get teary-eyed! Am I so just a girl! haha. But here are some pictures of reflection!

37 weeks prego.

Newborn 8lbs. 13ounces and 21in.

Christmas '08

January '08

February '09

May '09

July '09

August '09

The top two pictures are from last night at Texas Roadhouse! We went out for Brody's Birthday dinner. He didn't LOVE sitting on the saddle at first. But he did LOVE his ice cream. We love our little boy! This last week he has changed a ton! He likes to copy people and sing and dance. He loves to play with cars and wants mom to read him the same animal book over and over! haha. We love you Brody! Happy Birthday!

Monday, September 7, 2009

One, Two, Three Years Ago...

One Year Ago Today, Lance and I were anxiously waiting the arrival of Brody. My due date was on the 9th....however, my body wouldn't go into labor, so I was induced on the 12th. What an awesome experience! I'm just glad he wasn't born on Sept. 11th!

Two Years Ago Today, I quit my Drama-inducing job and Lance and I had begun trying to have a baby!

Three Years Ago Today, Lance and I met in Thatcher. Labor day weekend. Saturday night we met and hung out till at least 2 am, just talking about EVERYTHING! Then, I went home the next day. Lance called me later that day and asked if I would meet him in Globe on Labor Day at the famous El Raey! My parents were at the lake, so I said heck YA! We met up and ate an awesome meal...mmm...butter chips! He walked me out, and we realized he locked his keys in his car. I totally thought he did it on purpose, and I'm so glad it happened because I got to hang out with him even longer. Come to our surprise, My second father- Steve Shiflet happen to show up! GREAT! If you know Steve, he gave me the hardest time! Well, we got the keys out and we both went our separate ways. But every weekend was spent together until we got married!

Friday, September 4, 2009


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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall, Clean and Quiet

The house is Clean. Rooms vacuumed, floors mopped, and the dishes are being cleaned in the washer. I can smell the last batch of laundry washing and I have my favorite candle for Autumn, muled cider, burning! And to make it that more peaceful, my baby is falling asleep to lullaby's and the hum of the fan. This the most silence and peace I've felt for a long time. This is a vacation to me!

Well I needed some advice. Lance and I have been asked to participate in our stake's Trek, as a Ma and Pa. Luckily it's only a day, 8miles, so I'm not too worried about the walking. When I was in high school we did a three day trek, and I have to say, it was an awful experience. I didn't enjoy it at all! I've come to the conclusion, I have to gain a relationship with the youth first, before I do anything else, which I don't think will be too hard. Not to brag, but the youth flock to my husband. I need some extra ideas about what any of you enjoyed on your treks!? Anyone, please!

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