Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warm Weather

Brody has had a yucky cold and double ear infection. So this last week he has been on antibiotics...thank goodness. He is getting back to his old self, and actually got his first tooth the other day. Well, he was finally feeling a lot better today, so we decided to try on our new swimsuits and play in the sprinkler! He LOVED it!
please ignore my blinding white legs....I'm trying to get some sun!

Unfortunately, I made Brod mad by wrapping him in a towel when it started to get windy. But I gotta protect my babe from getting too cold! But it was a lot of fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And the Winner is....

haha, ya Brody said momma this morning. I know he doesn't know what he is really saying, BUT I am so happy it was me! So all morning he has been crawling all over saying "mama, mama, mama." It is so dang cute! Well, just had to brag that I'm the WINNER!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seven Months

Well, it's been a while, I'm into my fourth week of jury duty, and I am so ready for it to be over! It all has been a good experience for me and my family. I have truly gained an even stronger testimony of the importance of mothers being home with their children. But also, I look up to those women who must work for their family, because this experience of being gone four days a week has been rough! My husband has been absolutely AMAZING! half the time I call him on my way home, to find out that he already picked up Brody...and then, when I get home the entire home is all clean! I love him so so much. Being gone this much has made our relationship that much stronger. We don't take for granite the small moments in the day to spend with each other, and our sweet little Brod! It is so hard though to see all the new things Brody is doing and then realize that I probably wasn't the first to see him do it. Although my awesome mother-in-law doesn't comment when he does do something new, just so Lance and I can see him do it and brag on him to everyone! She's way amazing! Well on to other things Lance's baby sister is coming home MAY 9th from her mission in Salt Lake! We are so so excited to see Kimberly! And for Brody to finally meet his other Auntie!

Seven Months!

Brody turned Seven Months on Easter Sunday! I can't even believe it! Seven months just sounds so old! I guess because he's on the downhill of his first year! Sorry for the picture overload, but I've got to make up for lost time!

Brody is scooting/crawling everywhere! And putting everything in his mouth! So we've got to baby proof the house now!
He LOVES his food! He eats just about everything...he doesn't enjoy green stuff but he will eat it and crinkle his nose the whole time! It's hilarious!
He also LOVES snack time! Anything that he can get his hands on and into his mouth without it being taken away told, "No Brody, you can't eat that!"

And last but not least, Last night BRODY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! YAHOO!!!! all I have to say is...pure bliss!

We love our little man and Love watching him grow up!

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