Monday, April 12, 2010

April 2010...

Just before the egg hunt!

mmmm candy!

Grabbed him long enough for a picture!

We went to Mesa for Easter and General Conference weekend.
We had a great time with my family, and it was wonderful to finally be able to relax! Especially for Lance, who had been working all day and basically every night!

This is my absolute favorite! Strawberry shortcake...and not just any strawberry shortcake! Angel food cake, real strawberries, and real whipped cream(not the spray can). Let's just say we had some DANG good food. Thanks dad, I know you made those ribs just for me and Lance!

Then, last weekend we did some MAJOR yard clean up. We trimmed trees and bushes till Lance's trailer was heaping. Brody had a great time. He followed daddy mowing the lawns. It was pretty funny because he was literally yelling "ow, ow ow " the whole time as little rocks, dirt and grass hit him. But he didn't care, he got to hang out and follow his dad.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Death By OJ

Last Wednesday Lance took my dumb cell phone to see what was wrong with it. He ended up coming back with a new, nicer one! I loved it! The next day we left for Mesa, which is where we are right now! Anywho, yesterday, as the 2nd session of General Conference started, we left Brody playing in the other room, and watched quietly (maybe too quiet that I might have dozed off...) After a while B came in wet from top to bottom in Orange Juice. Little stinker decided to paint the kitchen table with OJ! So we got him all cleaned up and ready for a nap. The guys left for priesthood, and I went to check my messages on my phone. I left my phone on the table, I swear! Not in my purse, not in the diaper bag, not in the toys Brod was playing with. 4 of us girls search for the whole two hours, while the guys were gone. Notta. As Lance and I were trying to retrace my steps for the 10th time. It hit me, THE ORANGE JUICE!!!! I opened the fridge, pulled the pitcher out...and shoved my hand in...there it was my brand new phone!!! gah.
I'm trying to dry it out in rice...cause that's what google told me to do. Any more suggestions would be nice!
But if you have tried to call me...sorry you can't. Call Lance's cell, or call my momma's house.

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