Saturday, November 21, 2009


I Loved it! Is anyone else dreaming and thinking about it all the time?!-like it's real life? haha. So I haven't read any of the books, but I NEED to now. Anyone have a set I can borrow?!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

6 Things Parents Should Know...

So I was watching the Today show and this segment hit me, and was so important!
"6 Things Parents Should know to keep there Children Out of Trouble"
1.Have dinner together at least 5 times a week. It's so important! And the church has taught this to us as parents!
2. Go to Church, Worship, or Synagogue, at least once a week. DUH!!! But I found it really neat that they said this on the Today Show.
3. Check Your children's homework every night. This helps your children know that you care about their education too.
4.Having a basis of trust. Demanding the truth and getting the truth. Know what your children are doing on the weekends, know who there friends are. And be open with them.
5. Take Your Children On A Vacation. *Without the Blackberry! When your children are trying to get your attention and talk to you, but you've got that dumb phone in the way. They don't think you even care. And this is totally vis versa! Get rid of the technology, just for a week.
6. Play a team sport. Getting you child active and your family supporting is perfect!
Just wanted to share how coincidental this segment was. I know we all know these things but maybe helped you a little like it helped me!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Our trip to the zoo about a month earlier didn't end to great. It was closed, but they gave us free passes to come back. Finally Lance had a slower day of work, so we headed off!
After a nice long nap on the way to Tucson we were finally at the zoo.

this tiger kept coming right up to Brody and growling at him! Brody Loved it! He was so fascinated! I thought it was SO awesome!

Brody loved the huge elephants!

By this time Brody just wanted to run around, and it was kinda hard to see the giraffes, so I had to force him to take a picture!


the last time I came to the zoo the polar bear wasn't out. But this time was AWESOME. Brody loved watching the bear show off his swimming skills!

Sorry about Brod's big noggin in the way! haha.

Finally the jaguar, it was kinda boring, because it just sat there. Brod was more interested in the parrots next door, squawking SO loud!
Then we have a little zoo of our own at home. Our neighbors are getting a block fence put up, so we are watching their dog for them. Brody loves to play with him and watches him all the time! He such a good dog too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Our Halloween this year was SO much fun!
the pictures are backwards, and I was too lazy to switch them around. But enjoy...
Here we are at the trunk or treat.

This Brody as the Horse/Cow/Bull and his friend Jordan! She was a cute little bear!
Brody just kept looking in his bucket every time he got a piece of candy.

When Lance first started taking him around, he went to a lady and then went back to her 3 more times. She was so nice to give him candy each time.

Before Halloween we planned on having a pumpkin carving night but it didn't quite work out.
So we just did it during a time when Lance was at home. We had a great time. We roasted our seeds and made caramel apples. Yum!

Last Wednesday I went over to Mesa and that night went to a ward party with the Jones'. Here is Brody and Mariah looking at each other. So cute.
Also Friday night we went to a party and we dressed up. Lance was Howie Mandel and I was one of the briefcase girls from Deal or No Deal. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures on my camera. I know, I'm SO regretting it.

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