Wednesday, May 11, 2011



The week before Easter, we took Brody & Jett to the City Egg hunt. Brody got some prizes and 2 balloons from Grandpa- a green one and a blue one.

Jett was a good boy and sat in his car seat the whole time.

He has started to show intrest in rolling over. He only rolled half way so he could see the tv better.

Notice the fat lip. Brody had a run in with the tile floor! He fell so hard right on his face, giving him a bloody nose and mouth. Thank goodness I was doing hair, if those girls weren't there I may have had a heart attack.

First swimming day of the year! Unfortunately the wind has started up, making it hard to swim in the afternoon. Not to mention the fires in Mexico....the smoke is gross!

Brody LOVES hats. luckily his Aunt Holly bought him a new one and I can hide this beanie!


Yesterday Jett cried the whole way home from the grocery store, we got in the house and made him a bottle to feed him. But I still needed to get the groceries out of the car- hot day+ice cream= melty! So I asked Brody if he would feed Jett...and he did until it was gone! Now let's teach him to burp him. haha. just kidding!

Lucky for us, Jett has started to show interest in holding his own bottle! He held it the whole time last week! I have a picture of Brody doing the same thing at 3 months! Smart boys!

Tomorrow Brody is 2yrs & 8 months &
Jett is 3 months!
If you haven't caught it yet, they were both born on the 12th of Sept. & Feb.

Here is Jett's stats (not too accurate, I did it myself)


and cute as can be!

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