Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Summer Update

We've kept busy lately.  These boys are so fun, especially now that Jett is way more independent.  We've been to the Library getting books at least twice a week, lots of swimming at the cove, many trips to the mall and tons of arts and craft projects. 

Another house update:
Sorry if you're sick of these, but I'm just documenting

They loaded the roof with the tiles.


Finished framing the entertainment center

Kitchen/Bar bathtub.

 This little video shows just about the only thing that Jett says...."Uh-Oh and Quack Quack."

  Seriously this kid won't say anything. haha.  Physically he is crazy, but small motor skills are not his forte.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tribute to Duchess

This picture was taken on 4th of July, just a couple days ago.  Yesterday, Duchess was killed by what we think was a bobcat.  We are all sad that she is gone.  Brody doesn't quite understand it and I know Jett doesn't either, but I feel sad that their friend won't be there when they go to play outside. 

4th of July

4th of July had quite a crazy start.  A week and 1/2 before I went to Mesa and picked up my sister Brianne.  We had a blast going to Tucson and shopping, making bracelets and yummy food.  Then Friday morning Jett woke up at 8am with a burning fever and acting very lethargic.  I got him right to the Dr. and he tested positive for strep throat.  We ran to Walmart and got the antibiotics and he went right to sleep when we got home.  No more than an hour later Brody came crying to me that his throat hurt.  Good Grief! So I gave him some tylenol and sent him to bed for a nap, hoping that he was just wanting some attention.  I made an appointment at the Dr. for later that afternoon and when Brody woke up he had red blotches in his throat too.  Brody didn't come up positive for strep, but we figured he was just in the early stages and to get him on antibiotics.  So back to Walmart we went.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel our babysitter and couldn't take Brianne to dinner.  Saturday was an aweful day the boys were cranky and in pain, I was cranky and very on edge....and wasn't very patient with Lance, so that made him a bit cranky.  All in all, I felt really bad for my sister.  Sunday was better, the boys were acting more like themselves.  We decided to take Brody to church with us, since they weren't contagious anymore and to drop Jett off at grandma's since he still wasn't feeling great.  As we were driving I noticed red spots and blisters on Jett.  Hand Foot and Mouth, Crap.  And then Brody showed up with it during Sacrament meeting.  So I rushed him to grandma's house after.  So now I was freaking out about the 4th of July and all the cousins that would be coming.  Monday morning I took the boys to the Dr. to make sure that's what they had.  Of course it was.  Turns out Lance's cousins little boy had it, so no one really cared that they had it while they were here.  Wow, that was a long story.  It rained a TON on the 4th of July, so much we thought the fireworks weren't going to happen. 

Royce and Jett on a quad ride around the yard.

One of the MANY quad rides

seriously Jett was happiest on a ride

Happy Independence Day

Jett and duchess

Brody making 'mud pies'

Mariah and Brody.  Brody seriously loves Mariah and wants to where and what she is doing at all times, which turns into him being a bit bossy.  But he really loves her.

Family and Friends