Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Washington DC, Part 2

Here is part Two-finally done!

July 5th, we spent the day at Mount Vernon. AKA George Washington's Home...Land.

Just us with George.
In front of the Washington home. It was awesome. But come on, George only let Martha decorate one room in the whole house. He must have definitely been in touch with his feminine side. But what an awesome home!
The next day we headed off to Maryland to the DC Temple. GORGEOUS!!! This temple is huge and it is so cool inside. I definitely got lost a couple of times!

Then we went straight to Fort McHenry! Where the Star Bangle Banner was written.
Oh this is a little out of order. But this is a view from the back porch at Washington's home.
Lance says this was his favorite part of the trip!

Every week they have a "drum and bugle."
Lance loved the rifles! It was way cool
On the way home Brody slept both flights! He did so good that when we got home I bought him a little inflatable pool!

Friday, July 17, 2009


So I've heard everything to it was so so good, to it didn't follow the book...What did you think?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Washington DC, Pt. 1

I've been procrastinating this post for too long and I just need to do it! So here we are.

We flew out on Wednesday the 1st. The first flight to Dallas, Brody wasn't the most cooperative. But the second flight he slept the entire time! Bliss! It was great. After arriving at the house we took a complete tour, and it was incredible. It was basically a 1870s home remodeled with updated fixtures. It seriously was amazing! Yeah, I was real bad at taking pictures...

Thursday we took off for the lake. We went wake boarding, swimming, and jet skiing. The water was wonderfully warm! And we had perfect weather.

Here's Brody with Grandma looking at the cow...He loved it.
There house had a beautiful view of rolling green hills and trees!
The next day we spent in DC. But first had to drive 2 hours...lets just say we did a lot of driving...good "bonding" time. haha.
The center of Washington DC.
That night there was a rehearsal of "A Capital Fourth."
It was blistering hot but it was all worth it when we got to see the sesame street Muppet's and Natasha Bedingfield sing!
Since it was a rehearsal, basically every performer messed up. Like Barry Manilow, yes that's right ladies, Barry Manilow said "Happy New Year" on accident. And Aretha Franklin sang also, however, I personally thought she did terrible.

On the Forth of July, Instead of staying on DC (it was so darn packed, that it wasn't fun at all) we jumped on the Metro and went to Arlington Cemetery. What an amazing experience to see all the graves of men and women who have died for our country.
We watched the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier. What honor these men have for our country! This was probably one of my favorite days in Washington.
Later on we headed back to our family spot. We sat right beneath the Washington memorial and watched the fire works!
Here is some of our crowd. Why aren't we wearing red white and blue you ask? Let's just say there were millions of people their and you could seriously spot us from a mile away. No we aren't betraying ASU! haha. The fireworks were seriously amazing. But Lance and I both agree, Sierra Vista's show is very comparable. If anyone wants to see an awesome fireworks show S.V.'s is AMAZING!!!
*more to come*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Likes and Dislikes of my 10 month old!

Likes: Goldfish crackers, swimming, frozen peas, climbing stairs...especially when mom's not watching, giving kisses to mom and dad, growling, looking at books, dogs, the vacuum, applesauce, pasta, music.
Dislikes: Having his face washed off, lotion, having "items" taken out of his mouth, being hot and sweaty, baby food- except applesauce, grass.

My baby turned TEN MONTHS on Sunday. I can't believe he will be one year in September. He has grown too fast. He is a big boy, I still need to weigh him, but I can tell you he is SO heavy. I want him to start walking but then again I don't! He is so much fun. He is starting to waive and if we need him to give us something he has, we just ask for it and he will hand it to us.
He is learning so fast! After he did so well on the airplane I bought him a little swimming pool, and we have been in it everyday since I bought it. Lance and I are having so much fun with him and we love him so much! We love you Baby Brody!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lauren's Wedding and Roundtable "Campers"

On June 26Th Lauren and Charley got married!!! We were all so happy for them. The night before, Lauren, Kacey and I have a tradition of watching all of our hilarious home videos from when we were in elementary and junior high! Ok, so they are probably only funny to us! ha. Lauren's sealing was done by the temple pres. and it was amazing! Lauren looked so gorgeous!

me, Ren, and Katcey!

Right after Ren's wedding we headed to Mt. Graham for our annual round table camp out. Last year we missed because Brody was a new born, so we were so ready to go this year! It was so fun...until it decided to down pour for two hours. Which it was still fun after that...it's just I don't LOVE camping in the first place, so the humid wet weather didn't help much. But we all had a great time and can't wait for next year!

"Trying" to get Brody down for bed in the little camp trailer. It was so hard to get him down because he was having so much fun and it was so so freezing cold!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Little Tired, Slow, Busy, And Tired.

Reasons for being...
A Little Tired, Slow, Busy, and Tired.
1. Got back from DC last night...three hours later than we were suppose to. Let me explain. Our flight was going great...until our plane from Dallas to Tucson left late, and we sat on the plane for at least an hour before we took off. Then we finally made it to Tucson and made a pretty little circle and then detoured to phoenix b/c there was a storm and we were out of fuel. GREAT! So we landed in Phoenix, began to refuel and surprisingly needed to change some tires...why not! haha. Any who, we flew back to Tucson and had an hour drive to Sierra Vista. Home Sweet Home. Nevertheless, we had an amazing, eventful trip in Washington DC!
2. Jet Lag- I woke up at three-thirty AM to Brody happily playing in his crib. I waited a good 30 min. before getting him out...I'm tired and his naps are totally screwed up. But not to worry we are working it out...sort of.
3. LAUNDRY, up the wazoo! nuff said.
4. House work...once again...nuff said.
5. Grocery shopping...we have absolutely NO food.
On a Happier note..
On Monday, I got a voice mail from a store at our mall....I got real excited. And I good reason too!
Well a new store in the mall opened, called Maurice's (never heard of it till now, and if you haven't I wouldn't be surprised, we get terrible low class stores in our mall) Well, the day they opened my sister and I were there and I filled out a paper to enter a drawing, whelp!
K- nothing like this EVER happens to me, so I had to brag! BAH!
*And pictures and such to come about our awesome trip*

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