Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jett McRae Clawson

This is going to be a super long post...but don't worry there are TONS of pictures!

So we got to the hospital at 6 am on Saturday and got hooked up to the IV and pitocin to get the ball rolling I was at a 3 1/2 to start and the baby was very low(which I totally knew). We definitely had the best nurse, she was kind of an airhead, but her sweetness made of for it. haha. Well, we had to wait for Dr. H and the anesthesiologist to get out of a c-section. Finally by 10:30 I got my epidural, and that was wonderful. Then Dr. Holder broke my water at 11:15 (I was at a 41/2)and they turn the pitocin way up to get my contractions stronger. Lance went to go give his parents an update and while he was gone, all the monitors started beeping. I just thought I had pulled a plug out on accident...until 3 nurses ran in. They hurried and rolled me over, put oxygen on, and turned off the pitocin. Lance walked in and we both had no idea what was going on. The baby's heart rate took a huge plunge and they finally got it back up. They let me labor on my own for a while to see if my body could keep it going. Dr. H came back in at 12:45 and checked me and I was still at a 4 1/2, and he said he would come back in 2 hours and if I hadn't changed that we were going to have to make some decisions. I was very upset...I didn't want a c-section. Well, they turned the pitocin back on and my contractions started back up and were getting stronger and stronger with each one I had. I had Lance press the epidural button just about every 5 min. because they were so intense. My nurse came in at 1:25 and checked me and I was at a 9. They hurried and call my doctor, who had been at this daughters softball try-outs for about 10 min., to come back- fast! At 1:30 I was at a 10 and a +1, my nurse kept checking to make sure the baby wasn't going to fall out. haha. With one contraction I pushed 4 times and Jett was out! Talk about fast. They couldn't put him right up on my chest because his cord was too short..weird huh? It scares Lance to death because apparently our boys don't like to cry that much when they are born. We were getting a lot of crap from all of our nurses because we couldn't decide on a name, and they all wanted to know before they left to go home. Finally by that evening we decided on Jett and even by the morning Lance was still questioning it. I liked both the names and just let Lance decide. It definitely fits him well.

Jett McRae Clawson

Feb. 12, 2011 @ 1:44pm

7lbs. 13oz. 19"

Just getting started!

Getting all cleaned up, it sure makes delivery easy when he was 1lb. lighter than his brother!

It seemed like forever before I got to hold him

We are so sad that Dr. H is not going to do OB anymore...it's going to be hard for us to find a new doctor.

Brody got to come right in and hold his brother

Brody is SO in love...we just have to him real close.

He seriously is THE best baby. Such a sweet snuggler.

Jett only eats once a night...the first night Lance and I were up all night making sure he was still breathing. This is what I woke up to at 1am. Yes, Lance his watching his chest.

Happy daddy

Getting ready to go home. We couldn't wait to get out of the hospital!

We got him all dressed and ready to go home!

My mom and sister were able to come and help us out. Here is Jett's first bath at home. He hated being cold, but as soon as he knew clothes were being put on he stuck his hand in him mouth and waited patiently.

Granny, Brody, and Jett.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us and are still helping. We are so grateful! Jett is the best baby ever. He eats on average every 4 hours a day, and at night he only wakes up once. I've only seen him be fussy, maybe twice, otherwise all he needs is a full tummy and to be swaddled. He sleeps in his bed, and doesn't have to be rocked to sleep (although it's fun to do sometimes). He's been so used to Brody's tantrums and screaming while he was in my belly, so Brody is as loud as he wants and Jett doesn't ever wake up. It's pretty amazing. Heavenly Father sure knows what to do when he send his children to you, because if I got another with Brody's energy and fussiness, my mom would have been staying for the next month. haha. But this way I can still focus a lot of attentions on Brody and so he doesn't get jealous. I think that's about it...since this post was as long as a book! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not Much...

...Going on around here, except I'm having a baby Saturday!
Can I just say how shocked I am that my Dr. is inducing me a day before my due date! Even the assistant said that he never does that. And it's mostly because my awesome husband is super busy with work next week and my Dr. just so happened to be on-call this weekend!

This picture isn't doing much justice to how large my belly is...considering it was taken almost 3 weeks ago at 37wks. We are all very excited to see this boy and Brody is very anxious to "play cars and Lightning McQueen" with him. I think he has sort of warmed up to the idea, but I'm sure he really doesn't understand what he is in for! Wish us good luck to a new adventure!

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