Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Lance has been super busy lately & a couple weeks ago he had to go to a meeting in Albuquerque. So we decided to make the trip with him, so he wouldn't be lonely... me too.

We got there the night before, checked into our hotel & ate some dinner. The night was not so great. Especially for Jett, who doesn't sleep well without his bed. The next morning we got up & found a donut shop. Lance dropped us off at the aquarium & he headed to his meeting. Man did he miss out

Brody loved it! He got to pet the stingrays, which was really cool.

We saw the sharks.

All he wanted to see was a turtle & we finally found one. He loved it & wanted to buy it. haha.

After his meeting, Lance picked us up & we headed to Dion's pizza. It was really yummy! Since Lance's meeting only lasted an hour, we decided to head to Albuquerque's children's science museum: Explora. We would've spent all day there, it was a blast.

And then Jett drove us home. Just kidding. But man 8 hours in a car is NOT easy, when there is nothing to look at. The boys did as good as I could have hoped for.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


We're almost to one year! This is my favorite age...independent, but not talking back just yet. No, but I really love this stage.

He is such a determined little boy. Jett is totally walking, which still baffles me. He is eating big boy food & we have narrowed down bottle feedings to 3 times a day. I'm going to start introducing milk next week! Yay for no more formula!

Jett is very accident prone...especially lately. This incident was when he smacked his head into the entertainment center. Blood was everywhere & I even considered taking him to the ER. Thank goodness I stayed calm & waited for the blood to stop because it ended up just being a small cut.

Jett is a sweetheart & loves to cuddle. Brody was nice enough to give him one of his "soft" blankets, which Jett has become attached to. So now they both have a "soft" blanket.

You're bound to find him with his tongue sticking out. Lately it has been all day long. Drooling & runny nose come with it. So I'm not sure if he's teething or if he has a cold or if it's both.

Well, one more month & this little baby isn't a baby anymore. I do miss him being a baby, but not as much as I love watching him grow up & learn new things. We sure do love our little J!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 Review

-Awaiting the arrival of Baby Boy #2.
-Couldn't decide on a name
-Very Large...

-I was induced & Baby Boy arrived on the 12th.
-Finally decided on a name. Jett McRae was 7lbs. 13oz. & 19".

-We figured out that Jett had Colic.
-I decided to stop nursing at 7 wks & put him on sensitive formula.
-We had our first Sunday back to Church.

-Lance was released from Young Mens.
-Brody had a hard time adjusting to the new baby.
-I had a rough time adjusting to 2 boys.
-Jett began gaining weight.
-We spent Easter at the park & then in Thatcher with cousins.
-We finally had our first swimming day!
-Jett was blessed at the beginnning of April!

-Brody showed interest in being a big brother, by feeding Jett a bottle
-Jett started holding his own bottle!
-Jett sleeps through the night!

-Jett is lifting his head great.
-Jett is the easiest baby which helps me spend more time with Brody.
-We try to get rid of naps for Brody....FAIL.
-Jett's first time eating rice cereal...FAIL. He hates it.
-Took family pictures in Queen Creek with my sister.
-Jett is 4 months old.

-Terrible fires ripped through our mountains.
-The City cancelled the fire works.
-The Jones' came down for the 4th & we had fun in Bisbee.
-Stopped using the swing for naps.
-Jett loves his feet!
-We went to the international animal museum in Tucson, and had a surprise dinner with the Folau's!
-Brody has really enjoyed playing with Jett.
-Daddy left for a full week in Alaska, fishing....That was not an easy week for me.

-lost another camera...so I got a new one!
-trying to feed Jett food, still had to force rice cereal in a bottle.
-Jett is 6 months!
-Army crawling & almost sitting.

-Brody is 3!
-Party at Peter Piper Pizza
-First Buena football game.
-Jett's pulling up to furniture.
-Jett becomes obsessed with Backyardigans.
-teething begins
-Brody is having a hard time sharing toys...especially his cars.

-Work became really busy for Lance. We needed some time together. So we headed to Summerhaven in Tucson.
-Had our first freezing night. It was really cold.
-Jett's first taste of chocolate was on his 8 month birthday.
-Brody went camping with the Scouts.
-Family Fun Fair with the Folau's
-We went to Apple Annie's for the 3rd year. After we headed to Jennifer's ranch for lunch
-Lance got a deer on the 2nd day of his hunt!
-Jett gets his first hair cut.
-His first tooth finally came in.
-The boys were a pirate & skeleton for Halloween. No trunk or treat this year.

-The leaves on my favorite tree finally turned color!
-Jett's 2nd tooth came in.
-Jett turns 9 months & he is...standing, crawling, taking steps, & climbing on everything.
-He shakes his head no when anything is loud, he's dancing, or he doesn't want anymore food.
-We spent Thanksgiving with my family at the cabin for the weekend.

-We decorated cookies.
-Saw the Santa Claus' in the park
-Went to the Christmas light parade....& FROZE.
-Jett says dadda. All the time.
-He got his top 2 teeth.
-Brody went to Primary for singing time. And was very nervous.
-Jett is cruising all around...he is basically walking & falls down a lot.
-He hates food, especially pasta. He acts like he is choking.
-Jett got sick with for the first time.
-I got the stomach flu for the first time...and Lance went down with me. It was terrible!
-Brody sings alllllll the time.
-Lance & I spent our anniversary at the Buttes in Tempe.
-Santa visited Brody on Christmas Eve.
-Christmas was spent at Grandma & Grandpa Clawson's home.

2011 was great. We had some learning times but over all I loved it. I'm sure excited for 2012 though! Jett turns one! woop woop! We have just made a business change that will bring us more success. And we will be moving sometime this year into a new home!


Christmas Card 2011

Sorry for the profanities I sent to your home...

Ps. Thank you to my Aunts for playing I spy with my Christmas Card, I would have never seen it otherwise.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

I'm finally getting around to posting about Christmas. This year was super fun! We stayed here in Sierra Vista with the Clawson's.

I was really excited for Brody this year, because he really understood. Although I think he understands a little too well. He likes to act too cool when something is exciting. He didn't think he really needed to be nice when it came to Santa. Well, I had Santa send him an email. It was awesome, Santa spoke right to Brody and asked him to be nice to his little brother. I really thought this would get him....but alas it didn't. All the threatenings in the world didn't work.

Well, some of our friends said they had a full Santa suit & they would come visit Brody on Christmas Eve! I was so excited. Christmas Eve we had Ribs, Potatoes, Texas Roadhouse Roll etc. It was SO good! After dinner, Santa came. Brody was SO nervous, I'm shocked he didn't run out of the room. He was really hesitant, but then trusted him as soon as Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas. "A Robot." ....might I add, he has never asked for a robot. Great now Santa's going to be a liar.

Santa told Brody he needed to go to bed as soon as he left. And that's basically what happened. Daddy read Brody his Christmas book & he went to bed. Later that night our friend called us & said that he had a robot that used to be their boys. Awesome!

Here are the boys ready to open presents!

Brody was so excited when he saw his robot!

So this is a funny story. Lance kept this little number hidden from me...he loves to do that. Well, it's 6am & he wants to show us the Christmas present. He runs out the door, slips on the icy patch, & lands right on his back. Mind you this icy patch has been there since he was little. I'm glad I have a husband that chooses to laugh, because I would have sure been crying!

Brody opened the gifts.....Jett played with the gifts.

Riding the four wheeler that Grandma & Grandpa got them.

Brody was a great big brother & takes Jett on lots of rides

Our 3 year old!

This is the tent that Lance & I made for the boys. They love watching TV in it. Lance & Brody have even slept in it.

Family and Friends