Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Years Baby!!!

I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane with pictures

Sept. '06

Our 2nd date & I became the girlfriend! Mind you, we met the weekend before that. Ya, we're a bit quick. But when you know you know! You know?

July '07

Our first camping trip & a freak monsoon storm.

July '08

Our last trip before Brody joined our family.

May '09
Our first family pictures done by my friend Kacey Reed at

December '10

This is the only picture I actually took of us on our anniversary. We went on a drive around the mountain & then to one of our favorite Steak Houses. *And I was definitely pregnant with Jett.

Oct. '11

And here we arrive to 2011. This is when we went & rode the ski lifts on Summer Haven in Tucson.

This year, I was in charge of what we were going to do. Since we have a lot of different things takeinf over our funds, I decided to do a 'stay-cation'. So I booked us a weekend at the Buttes in Tempe, which is right in the middle of our favorite shopping. The night before we were suppose to leave, we both ended up in bed & thebathroom with the stomach flu. One of the worst 48 hours of my life. It was terrible that we couldn't take care of the boys, let alone go on our getaway. So Lance called & rescheduled for the next weekend- which ended up being $50 cheaper! Finally we got better & that Friday came. We dropped Jett off at Grandma Eloise's, & drove to Mesa. We dropped Brody off with Granny & headed to the Mesa Temple. I think that was worth the trip. It's been a while & was totally needed. Then we got to the Buttes, which they upgraded us! It was awesome. I've been wanting to take Lance to Ikea, so we did that first. He wasn't really wanting to go, but at the end he was really glad I took him. Then we went to Black Angus, which was delicious....I love steak. We walked through Chandler Mall, grabbed some cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory & took it back to the resort. In the morning we ate an amazing buffet & then went on a little hike. I really wanted to go swimming, but Lance didn't. So he proposed I get a pedicure instead....not such a bad swap. We checked out of our room at noon & went back to Chandler Mall to finish our Christmas shopping. We picked up Brody, who was spoiled rotten, hung out with my family, & then headed home. It was such a fun & relaxing weekend!

It's pretty crazy how pictures can evoke feelings, memories, & bring you right back to that moment. The first year of marriage was awesome, probably because Lance took my immaturity very well. The 2nd year was definitely hard, especially for me. Learning that I didn't always have to be right & swallowing my pride(which I'm still learning). Then Brody was born, I had to learn how to be selfless. But I can definitely say, every year our marriage has gotten better. And every year, we've learned how to laugh more things off. Now that I look back, Lance has basically been the strong one, while I've done a ton of growing up. haha. He is for sure my best friend. I would much rather be at home with him, than hang out with friends. It's been fun to decide what we want do with our family, make traditions, & how we want to grow. I love you Lance your my bestest friend!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spotlight on Brody

I just thought I'd do a little spotlight on Brody,

since this blog seems to be all about Jett lately.

This picture was when Brody got to go camping with daddy.

He loves to do anything with daddy. Lance takes him to work with

him often. Which is a big perk for me!

Brody insisted on taking his nap in the toy box, and he did...for 2 hrs. Brody is a pretty strong-willed boy. Which can be pretty hard to handle now. But I know it will be a very good personality trait later in life, as long as Lance & I can direct him on the right path

Brody has a great imagination. This particular time they were going on a plane ride.
He would say over & over. "Jett are you buckled in? Ready for take off?" It was really hilarious. But what they really love to pretend is going camping. Brody packs their bags, gets blankets & pillows together & they camp behind the rocking chair. I'm very excited for Christmas present...which has something to do with camping.

Brody is silly. He loves making people laugh. He's a lot like his daddy. His favorite songs right now are...Justin Bieber's 'Baby,' Party Rock Anthem, & Dj's got us fallin in love. We hear these three songs ALL day long.

Since we decided to put Jett in Brody's old car seat, we had to get Brody a big boy car seat. And of course, he loves it. He is growing up so big. Starting in December, in Nursery we started taking the older group of kids to Singing Time in Primary. Brody was included in this huge class of boys (there are only 2 girls). It was SO cute. They were all very nervous. Of course when they came back to Nursery I asked Brody how it went. He acted too cool, but told me he helped the teacher build the snowman. I'm so proud of him & excited for him to be in Primary- he is definitely ready to not be in Nursery.

We love our Bobo. He sure gives us a run for our money. His energy is crazy, & keeping him busy is key. I know he is going to be a strong boy as he grows up. Love you baby boy.


Jett is 10 months & I love it.

Jett is a pretty tough kid. He's fallen down the stairs at least 3 times & 2/3 he didn't even cry. He just got back up & crawled away. He gets hurt ALL the time. Jett has more bruises than I've ever seen on a baby. Well, this particular time, Lance was watching the boys while I was out. Jett was crawling around the fireplace, he climbed up & stuck his fingers in the vents. When he tried to pull them out they didn't come out as easily. Lance picked him up when he started crying & noticed blood everywhere. Every finger was cut, so daddy bandaged him up. Is this the saddest picture ever. look at those eyes.

The week after we got home from Thanksgiving. Jett caught a cold. It was so sad. His nose was stuffy for a 1 1/2 weeks. You could tell he didn't feel good, but he still wanted to keep up with Brody.

Here is Jett's first plate of mac n cheese.
Jett has eating issues. When we started him on baby food, he hated it. Well, he tolerates it now. But when we try to give him table scraps or macaroni, he acts like he's choking. It's like he has a hard time swallowing food. I don't know if I should be worried or if he just needs to learn to swallow on his own. Anyone have a child like this?

He sure is a smiley, happy boy.

Jett is cruising everywhere. He walks from couch to couch & around all the cupboards in the kitchen. He loves to attempt walking even if crawling is way faster. I think he loves to do what his brother is doing.

Jett is a major cuddle bug. With both Lance & I. I love it. He is just the sweetest. You can just about anytime make him happy if you just cuddle with him on the couch.

Some other things about Jett:

-He doesn't jabber too much, but loves to squeal...especially when he copies his brother.

-His top 2 teeth just popped through on Monday (12th). total of 4 teeth.

-He loves to go to nursery with me & play with the big kids

-He's a great dancer.

-Loves to go outside, pull everything out of the kitchen cupboards, play in Brody's room with the toys, the bath, & the toilet. (yuck).

-love love loves to wrestle with daddy & Brody on our big bed.

& My favorite thing about Jett is he is just the easiest baby ever. We've been leaving him home with a babysitter since he was 8 months, & he sleeps great. Although he hasn't been the greatest eater, he still somehow puts on weight.

Christmas Happenings

On Dec. 3rd, we went to the Sierra Vista Christmas Parade.


This picture just shows you how cold it was. Brody was freezing!

Grandma Clawson & Bobo

Kimber, me, & Jett

This was the best picture of Lance & Brod. But I still think their cute in there matching jackets

Christmas Cookies

This last Monday for FHE, we made sugar cookies.

Here we are rolling out the dough & picking out cookie cutters

Brody is either really excited or hiped up on frosting...probably a bit of both

Frosting cookies.

We had a blast. Brody tends to get a bit excited which usually means a ton of "accidents." Then leads to mom getting frustrated- which I shouldn't. But lets just say, Monday was filled with it.

Thanksgiving 2011

For Thanksgiving we decided to get out of town & go up to my parents cabin on Roosevelt Lake.

The boys played outside for a while, waiting for daddy to get home from work.

Brody loves wearing his new jacket that daddy had made for him.

The kids had fun destroying the upstairs. Here they are eating breakfast....Brody wanted the BIG spoon.

Uncle Cody took all the cousins on quad rides...I think this was probably the highlight for Brody.

I was the mean wife & mom, that made us get dressed up for a picture. This is the picture we sent out for Christmas Cards this year. Merry Christmas!!!

Anyway, we had a blast. It was a much needed vacation. For me, it was great knowing that Lance could relax from work & hang out with us. For Lance, I'm sure it was great getting a break from his phone (there isn't the greatest service up there). And for the boys, to get to hang out with daddy for 4 days!

We had almost everyone up there on Thanksgiving, we were only missing Craig & his girlfriend. But they were able to come up on Friday! I had a blast with my sisters, Lance went hunting everyday, & the boys love their cousins!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Ahhh! He's nine months!
Is this the cutest picture ever? I'm obsessed!

This is what Jett is up to:
-Climbing up on anything...

-Being a crawling maniac
-Cruising around the furniture
-Standing. yep.
-And has taken some steps. Yikes.

-He has tons of determination.

-got his first tooth on Oct. 17th, & the 2nd a couple days later.
-I think he is about to get his top 2.

-Loves to be chased.
-Indiscriminately says mama. He's not a big talker. But a loud screamer.

-Loves his brother & will do anything he says.
-shakes his head "no" when anything is loud, or if there is music & he's dancing.
-Likes food. As long as it's not too runny, like baby food. Last night (above picture) he had black beans & avocados. I think he loved eating the same food we were.

Jett is such a sweetheart. He may not be a great napper, but his easy going personality is refreshing! I still can't believe how different each child is! Well we went to his 9 month appt. today. Had to get a shot, as well as the flu shot too. yuck. Here are his stats.

Head- 44cm 25%
Weight- 19lbs. 15 oz. 45%

Length- 28.5" 55%

Fall Fun Fair & Halloween

As you can tell I'm SO behind on my posts...

Every year our stake has a Fall Fun Fair. Brody loved it this year!

Our friends, the Folau family came down from Tucson!
Brody & Matai

Notice: the pumpkin on Brody's cheek. When we got back to grandma's house. He pulled grandma into the bathroom & asked her to wash it off, "because only girls wear make-up." That's my boy!
Brody Jumpin!

They had a little petting zoo...I couldn't get over how cute this pig was.

On our walk back to grandma's house...had to get a picture of Jett, who was a sweetheart the whole time. shocker.

Here is the pumpkin I previously talked about. The scary kitty cat.

The Skeleton & Pirate

We had a blast! Since there was no trunk or treat this year, we were on our own for trick or treating. Which we were kind of happy about. I wanted Brody to have the real Halloween experience. We first went to Grandmas' house & got a few fun treats! Then we had to visit our 3rd grandma, Heidi Klinefelter. We stayed in her neighborhood, which was pretty quiet. But every person we went to was so happy to see kids dressed up & let Brody take handfuls of candy. We finished up in our very quiet neighborhood. We stopped by our next door neighbor, who had 2 buckets full of candy & prizes for both Jett & Brody. Then went around door to door. I think we made a lot of people happy, we were some of their 1st trick or treaters. The next picture is all of the loot Brody came home with...and I ate. haha. That isn't even including the huge bowl of candy we were handing out, which wasn't touched. sad.

Friday, November 11, 2011

First Haircut

Right before Halloween I decided to give Jett a trim. It was getting pretty long on top. It really doesn't look bad, but he's got a lot of fine hair...also known as cat fur. haha


What we used: Sissors & suckers


He is so cute, & it unfortunately made him look older. boo.

And here's just a cute little video of Jett walking the bike around the backyard.

Family and Friends