Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2 Month Check-up

We went to the Dr. on Monday & had Jett's 2 month check up. he had to get 2 shots, and didn't cry until the 2nd one. I was so proud of him!
weight 11.7lbs, 48%

length 24.5", 90%

So he's our little string bean! But has started to fill out, especially his face, making him look not-so thin!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Growing like Weeds!

Jett is two months today! Hooray!

Next time I decide to have a baby...somebody tell me that it gets WAY better by 2 months, because apparently I forgot with Brody.

These last 2 weeks have been amazing. Jett is on a wonderful schedule.

Wakes up 6-7am, eats and is awake for 1 hour

Naps for 3 hours, then eats

awake for 3 hours with 1 cat nap in between, eats.

Naps for 3-4 hours and wakes up between 5-6

awake for 2 1/2 hours, eats

Goes to bed between 8-9pm

Sleeps ALL NIGHT! booya!

This schedule of his really allows me to spend lots of time with Brody. He is very demanding of attention. But I think he is loving Jett more and more. He loves to do silly faces to make him smile.

Above is Jett at 2 months and below is Brody at 2 months. Do you think they look alike? I sure do! I'm a girl in a world of BOYS! This picture cracks me up. Their noses crinkle the same. haha

I'm grateful for my Brody-boy. He has become such a sweet big brother, in just the last two days. He is willing to do things for me. As for me, I've learned that I need to praise him more for the things he does to help out. It has made us a happier bunch. Last night we were having FHE, and Lance asked Brody why we say our prayers and go to nursery, and he replied, "for Jesus, I love Jesus." It makes you feel so good as a parent that your efforts to teach your children really do sink in. We are doing great and having so much fun!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Life

Today was a great day. Lance gave Jett a wonderful blessing...especially since Jett basically cried the WHOLE time! I think my favorite thing he blessed Jett with, is to always love and obey his mother. Well, I was a terrible picture taker, but luckily my personal photographer, my sister Adele was here and took some family pictures for us. So eventually I will get those up, but we had all of our family here and had a wonderful time! Well, I caught a video of the boys tonight and it totally gives you a glimpse of our daily life perfectly! Jett, a sweet innocent baby who loves the attention of his brother. Brody, a high-energy boy wanting the attention from anyone and everyone!

Family and Friends