Monday, September 17, 2012

House Update

We're getting closer! The outside is now painted.  Next is getting the stone on the pillars, the garage concrete pad and extended patio in the backyard.  And the outside will be done.
 The "bones" of the cabinets were put in.  I'm in LOVE.  They are beautiful.  The kitchen is the distressed cream and the bathrooms & laundry room are the dark stain.
 The granite should be coming this week!
 The tile is almost done and they turned the electric on!
 Here is our snail shower all tiled up!
 This is the guest bathroom.
 The gang of boys we will live by.  I'm so excited for Brody to have friends and lots of them on our street.
Our appliances come in the 9th of October, so we will hopefully be in by then!  3 weeks and definitly counting!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday Boy

This cute boy turned 4 on Wednesday.  He has turned into such a sweet boy and a great helper.  He loves his brother so much.  Other things he loves are bugs, frogs, candy, cars, Team Umizoomi, Curious George, getting treats with daddy at Circle K, and a ton more.  He had his 4 year old check up the other day and his is 38lbs(65%) and I can't remember how tall but in the 77%.  He exceeded his eye sight and hearing tests, even cracking the nurse up, he kept making up funny things that pictures on the chart looked like.  I was very proud of him because he had to get 4 shots(including the flu shot) and was so tough. 

 Early that morning we headed to Walmart to get birthday donuts and some arts and crafts to do that day.  He chose glitter glue and paints.
 For lunch, I asked if he wanted to go out to Taco Bell/McDonald's.  But nope, he wanted to choose a box of Mac N Cheese & eat peas.  So that's just what we did.  Jett was happy with his plate too.
 When Daddy got home, we gave Brody his present.  He has been begging for a big bike.  Of course it is Orange, his favorite color.
 I let him decorate his cake, which he wanted a Candy cake.  So we grabbed some mini M&Ms and he went to town.  At one point the M&Ms were piled high in the middle of the cake.  It was actually was a really yummy cake

 We ended the night with fireworks!  It was a super fun day and I'm pretty sure he had a blast.
PS.  RIP to Leaves the fish.  He died yesterday morning.  Brody is fine & is ready to go get a new one.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Eventful Weekend

This last weekend has once again been an unfortunate crazy one.  It first started Friday evening, we got a call from Lance's mom telling us that cousin Laine was bucked off a horse and was flown to UMC in Tucson.  He had been knocked unconscious and had yet to wake up.  We were very worried but figured he would wake by morning and everything would be fine.  Saturday morning, he still hadn't woken up and had significant damage to his brain.  We quickly found some families to watch the boys (thank you Wolfington's & James') and headed for Tucson.  We visited with PJ, Cammie & Family and then PJ took us back to see Laine.  You're never prepared to see someone you love in that kind of condition.  I'm so glad Lance was able to see his cousin...seeing as we didn't know what the future would hold.  Lot of prayers were said and yesterday he opened his eyes a couple of times.  So we are all very hopeful.  When we got home we stayed busy and then went to bed. 

Sunday morning we smelled something very stinky, like a mildew smell.  I went down to investigate right before we left for church and felt the damp carpet.  I kind of freaked out & said we would take care of it when we got home.  After church Lance had some meetings so I went down to the basement to find the problem.  It was much worse than expected.  The basement had flooded and all of things that were ready to be packed to move (in a month)  were now wet.  I brought all of our things upstairs and called our landlord. 

She called he insurance & they came out the next morning.  Service Master pulled the carpet from the main room and put fans on it.  It then began to rain heavy & started flooding the basement again.  At this point Service Master told us that since it was a flood rather than just a leak that they wouldn't cover it.  So lance sent them away and called some of his employees & some YM from our old ward.   We had to move all of our landlord's things from the 2 basement rooms to the upstairs. It was quite a crazy day that I never want to relive.  Lance got a contractor over to look at the problem and they were here this morning digging all of the dirt away from the house and will be resealing the concrete.   

Meet Leaves

Here is Brody's new fish...he lovingly named him Leaves.
Yes you read that right...Leaves.  For Brody's birthday Aunt Kimber took Brody out to lunch and then to Walmart to pick out a fish, bowl, and as Brody calls them, "toys."  When Kimber asked him what he was going to name his fish, he said "Leaves."  We all figured over time he would come up with a more suitable name like, goldie.  But nope, Leaves has stuck. haha.  This is so Brody's personality, he loves the shock factor and attention he gets when he tells someone his fish's name. 

Family and Friends