Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Fun Fair & Halloween

As you can tell I'm SO behind on my posts...

Every year our stake has a Fall Fun Fair. Brody loved it this year!

Our friends, the Folau family came down from Tucson!
Brody & Matai

Notice: the pumpkin on Brody's cheek. When we got back to grandma's house. He pulled grandma into the bathroom & asked her to wash it off, "because only girls wear make-up." That's my boy!
Brody Jumpin!

They had a little petting zoo...I couldn't get over how cute this pig was.

On our walk back to grandma's house...had to get a picture of Jett, who was a sweetheart the whole time. shocker.

Here is the pumpkin I previously talked about. The scary kitty cat.

The Skeleton & Pirate

We had a blast! Since there was no trunk or treat this year, we were on our own for trick or treating. Which we were kind of happy about. I wanted Brody to have the real Halloween experience. We first went to Grandmas' house & got a few fun treats! Then we had to visit our 3rd grandma, Heidi Klinefelter. We stayed in her neighborhood, which was pretty quiet. But every person we went to was so happy to see kids dressed up & let Brody take handfuls of candy. We finished up in our very quiet neighborhood. We stopped by our next door neighbor, who had 2 buckets full of candy & prizes for both Jett & Brody. Then went around door to door. I think we made a lot of people happy, we were some of their 1st trick or treaters. The next picture is all of the loot Brody came home with...and I ate. haha. That isn't even including the huge bowl of candy we were handing out, which wasn't touched. sad.

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