Thursday, December 15, 2011


Jett is 10 months & I love it.

Jett is a pretty tough kid. He's fallen down the stairs at least 3 times & 2/3 he didn't even cry. He just got back up & crawled away. He gets hurt ALL the time. Jett has more bruises than I've ever seen on a baby. Well, this particular time, Lance was watching the boys while I was out. Jett was crawling around the fireplace, he climbed up & stuck his fingers in the vents. When he tried to pull them out they didn't come out as easily. Lance picked him up when he started crying & noticed blood everywhere. Every finger was cut, so daddy bandaged him up. Is this the saddest picture ever. look at those eyes.

The week after we got home from Thanksgiving. Jett caught a cold. It was so sad. His nose was stuffy for a 1 1/2 weeks. You could tell he didn't feel good, but he still wanted to keep up with Brody.

Here is Jett's first plate of mac n cheese.
Jett has eating issues. When we started him on baby food, he hated it. Well, he tolerates it now. But when we try to give him table scraps or macaroni, he acts like he's choking. It's like he has a hard time swallowing food. I don't know if I should be worried or if he just needs to learn to swallow on his own. Anyone have a child like this?

He sure is a smiley, happy boy.

Jett is cruising everywhere. He walks from couch to couch & around all the cupboards in the kitchen. He loves to attempt walking even if crawling is way faster. I think he loves to do what his brother is doing.

Jett is a major cuddle bug. With both Lance & I. I love it. He is just the sweetest. You can just about anytime make him happy if you just cuddle with him on the couch.

Some other things about Jett:

-He doesn't jabber too much, but loves to squeal...especially when he copies his brother.

-His top 2 teeth just popped through on Monday (12th). total of 4 teeth.

-He loves to go to nursery with me & play with the big kids

-He's a great dancer.

-Loves to go outside, pull everything out of the kitchen cupboards, play in Brody's room with the toys, the bath, & the toilet. (yuck).

-love love loves to wrestle with daddy & Brody on our big bed.

& My favorite thing about Jett is he is just the easiest baby ever. We've been leaving him home with a babysitter since he was 8 months, & he sleeps great. Although he hasn't been the greatest eater, he still somehow puts on weight.

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