Monday, November 14, 2011


Ahhh! He's nine months!
Is this the cutest picture ever? I'm obsessed!

This is what Jett is up to:
-Climbing up on anything...

-Being a crawling maniac
-Cruising around the furniture
-Standing. yep.
-And has taken some steps. Yikes.

-He has tons of determination.

-got his first tooth on Oct. 17th, & the 2nd a couple days later.
-I think he is about to get his top 2.

-Loves to be chased.
-Indiscriminately says mama. He's not a big talker. But a loud screamer.

-Loves his brother & will do anything he says.
-shakes his head "no" when anything is loud, or if there is music & he's dancing.
-Likes food. As long as it's not too runny, like baby food. Last night (above picture) he had black beans & avocados. I think he loved eating the same food we were.

Jett is such a sweetheart. He may not be a great napper, but his easy going personality is refreshing! I still can't believe how different each child is! Well we went to his 9 month appt. today. Had to get a shot, as well as the flu shot too. yuck. Here are his stats.

Head- 44cm 25%
Weight- 19lbs. 15 oz. 45%

Length- 28.5" 55%


Tyler and Bryna said...

He is SO cute!! I can't believe he is 9 months already!!

The Seiuli's said...

He is growing up so fast, such a cutie!!!

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