Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas began right after Thanksgiving. We immediately put up the tree and watched Christmas movies.  The first day in December we went to the Sierra Vista Light Parade.  It was so fun and we got awesome seats.  It seemed like Halloween again with the amount of candy Brody collected! Jett was not a fan of the parade and sat in the truck most of the time.

The next week we had our Ward Christmas Party.  Lance & the Young Men were in charge of the food and did pit BBQ Pork.  It's incredibly delicious.  The decorations were amazing and Brody had a special role in the Nativity as a wise man.  He took his part very serious, they were to wait quietly in the hall until it was their turn.  Brody didn't move a muscle, holding his "present."  He was very reverent as he walked in & knelt by the baby Jesus.  I was very impressed & was happy to give him positive praise!
Christmas Eve was a blast!  Aunt Kimber put together the evening.  We acted out the Nativity and Jett was the most active baby Jesus I've ever seen.  Brody was once again a wise man.  We ate delicious Mexican food & had yummy desserts and snacks.  We got home pretty late, but the boys still had lots of energy!  Brody was very serious about getting to bed and was concerned that Jett was going to ruin Santa coming because he wasn't going to bed.

Christmas was magical!  I loved every minute of being at our home.  I woke up 6:30am wondering when Brody would come get 6:50am I couldn't wait any longer.  I woke Lance up & he went to wake the boys while I recorded them coming out.  They were SO excited.  We went through our stockings & then opened gifts.  We didn't do a ton of gifts this year (since we just bought a house...)  but I think it made each gift that much more special. 

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