Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 in Review

I'm now seeing that the more kids I have the faster time flies.  It's really not fair...
But I have to say 2012 was a good year.  A year of major growth for our family, myself personally, and obviously these boys!

-We took a trip with Daddy to Albuquerque, NM.  It was freezing cold, but we had a fun time.
-Jett was very accident prone & cute.
-Brody is a Sunbeam and is learning to sit still and be quiet in Primary.
-We merged our company with another paving company.

-Jett turned one!!!
-Lance turned 27 and I turned 24
-Went shooting with the Wolfinton's, and Brody got to shoot the gun.

-We had a freak snow storm.
-Started clearing the land for our house!
-Daddy is a workaholic, Brody is silly, and Jett is a Monkey!
-Spent a fun day in Thatcher for Easter.  The boys had a blast with their cousins & looking for Easter Eggs.

-May was our "sick" month
-Brody & I got a cold, Jett had an ear infection, and Lance got to go to the ER with bronchitis.
-They started building our house!!!  The forms are up to pour the cement.
-The Clawson reunion was held in Safford at Grandma Olive's house & we stayed at the Whetten's Ranch House.

-Craig & Kristen were sealed!!!
- Base & Framing is done on the house.

-The 4th of July was fun.  It rained most the time, but it was nice enough to clear out minutes before the fireworks started.
-Jett learns to say "UH-OH"
-They loaded our roof & finished the lathing on the house.
-Duchess the dog died.
-Couples trip to Roosevelt Lake.
-The ward boundaries were realigned and we "moved" into Hereford ward.
-Lance was called as the Young Men President & I as the Relief Society Secretary.
-Took a day trip to the Tucson Zoo.
-The house is going up FAST!
-Brody turns 4.
-Our rental house flooded & it wasn't an easy time for us. 
-We took a trip to the Cabin with the rest of the cousins.  Grandpa took them on the boat & the boys loved it!
-Took a trip to Apple Annie's, and I think it may be the last...
-Moved into our house, while Lance went on his deer hunt.
-Halloween was interesting.
-November is a blur...
-Went to Disneyland with my family.
-Had Thanksgiving with Lance's family.
-Jett had a hard time sleeping at the new house, so we decided to convert his crib into a toddler bed.
-Went to the Christmas Parade.
-Had a blast doing Christmas as a family.
-We loved Christmas Eve this year! and loved waking up in our own home.
-Closed on our house the last day of the year & it was a definite growing time for Lance & I.

I love our little family & I especially love my husband.  This last year has brought us even closer together & I'm so glad he is my best friend.  We have so much fun together and I wouldn't want to spend life with anyone else.  Our boys...are boys.  They are growing so much & even though they are hard right now, it won't always be that way & I am figuring out how to enjoy--even when it's hard.  We are so grateful for all of our blessings & I know the Lord looks over us & knows each of us & what we need.  Here's to a New Year...I'm excited for what it will bring!!!


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