Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Lance has been super busy lately & a couple weeks ago he had to go to a meeting in Albuquerque. So we decided to make the trip with him, so he wouldn't be lonely... me too.

We got there the night before, checked into our hotel & ate some dinner. The night was not so great. Especially for Jett, who doesn't sleep well without his bed. The next morning we got up & found a donut shop. Lance dropped us off at the aquarium & he headed to his meeting. Man did he miss out

Brody loved it! He got to pet the stingrays, which was really cool.

We saw the sharks.

All he wanted to see was a turtle & we finally found one. He loved it & wanted to buy it. haha.

After his meeting, Lance picked us up & we headed to Dion's pizza. It was really yummy! Since Lance's meeting only lasted an hour, we decided to head to Albuquerque's children's science museum: Explora. We would've spent all day there, it was a blast.

And then Jett drove us home. Just kidding. But man 8 hours in a car is NOT easy, when there is nothing to look at. The boys did as good as I could have hoped for.


Amy said...

Ha ha ha!! That pic of Jett is so cute!

Tracy said...

Sounds like a fun trip... and I totally want to buy that sea turtle too!! ha ha

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