Friday, October 5, 2012

Is It Pumpkin Time already?

Fall is passing by way too fast! Brody has been begging to carve pumpkins.  Grandma was nice enough to give us one of hers.  Brody worked ALL day out the seeds, poking and coloring his pumpkin.  When Daddy got home, he helped Brody carve a face and light it up...with birthday candles, since everything else is packed.

Nice face Brody.
    Jett has recently started smiling when he's getting his picture taken.  He sometimes even says something that sounds like "cheeeeez."

 Jett got his foot stepped on, so he is not so happy in this picture.  But I still love it.

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Hyder Ali said...

I agree, that last picture is a keeper. You have some handsome boys. :)

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