Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Rollercoaster

We've had quite a year, ups and downs, but I wouldn't change anything.

-Brought lots of snow and storms (for Sierra Vista, that is)


-Took our 3rd Anniversary trip to Disneyland!
-I turned 22
-We found out we were expecting baby #2
-Lance turned 25

-Brody turned 18 months!
-Brody went to Nursery...and didn't like it much, in fact, it took him about 5 months to "Love" nursery!
-Found out I miscarried and had to have a D&C...yuck.
-Enjoyed Spring!
-Spent Easter with my family in Mesa
-Had a family reunion in Thatcher, where Brody rode a horse for the first time.
-Planted a garden, and the tomatoes are the only seeds that grew.
-Found out we were pregnant with baby #2...again! And due February 13th.
-I have no recollection of June...and I have no sad.
-Had a great 4th of July with the Jones'
-Went on our Annual Allred Round table Camp out up to Big Lake
-Brody lost my camera(hence the reason for no pictures in August)

-Brody turned 2!
-Took our trip to crazy San Francisco!
-Found out we're having another BOY and totally shocked!

-Threw Brody's binkies in the trash! YAY!
-Took our annual trip to Apple Annies, to pick out our Fall pumpkins
-Lance had his deer hunt...with no luck on getting our deer....meaning no jerky. Tear.
-We spent Halloween in Mesa and Brody was a cowboy.


-Elder Standage returned from Brazil
-Spent Thanksgiving in Thatcher with the Allred's
-went to listen to Craig report on his mission.
-Started potty training...and done in 3 days!


(32 weeks pregnant)
-Celebrated our 4th anniversary early, by driving out to Sonoita, having dinner, and just being together.

-Had a wonderful Christmas with my family in Mesa.
-My Brother and his wife lost their baby, Ella.

I'm sure 2011 will bring more fun memories and trials...but I'm ready for a new year!
Bring it On!

PS. Below is the post about my brother, his wife, and their sweet angel, Ella.

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