Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October 2010

Our October began with a trip to Apple Annie's!
I love going to this pumpkin patch, it's so pretty and fun!
We always have to get a picture in front of the beautiful sunflowers.

Brody exploring the sunflowers

Sitting on the pumpkins

Out to find the perfect pumpkins!

It got pretty warm, so after we picked our pumpkins, Brody rode in the wagon back.

For Halloween this year, we decided to go to Mesa and have fun with cousins! Lance had his deer hunt, so he missed out big time! This is at my parents ward Halloween party, Brody just wanted a "cone!"

Because I knew I was going to be bad at taking pictures, I wanted to get a couple before we went to Mesa...

Our little cowboy had so much fun trick-or-treating. He loved running from house to house asking for candy, and saying thank you, and then asking for more candy! I'm so grateful he had a fun time with his cousins and his aunts! As for me, I'm feeling great and 25 weeks along with this next boy! I can't believe how easy this pregnancy has been (after 16 weeks)- I probably shouldn't jinx myself. After not having any names to even think about, I looked through a list and now have 19 names to sort through. It's so hard! But I'm sure Lance will narrow that list a bunch! We had a great Halloween and are so excited for upcoming events: Elder Standage gets home in one week, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas!


Chase and Amy said...

Oh my goodness, 25 weeks! It goes by SO fast! Brody is such a cute little cowboy. Good luck with picking names :)

Amy said...

I love that pic of Brody on Lance's shoulders... so cute!
Halloween was fun but it would have been a lot funner if I didn't feel like a huge pumpkin myself.
I always love hanging out with you guys when you come to Mesa. Can't wait till all our babies can hang out together!!

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