Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow AND Christmas

Two days before Christmas it SNOWED! I would say it was pretty good timing, considering we only get snow a couple times in the year. We had such a fun time! We took a couple drives, made a snowman, and in the afternoon took some of the youth in our ward up to have a snow ball fight. It was a GOOD fight!

Christmas Morning!
I was terrible at taking pictures, but we had an awesome time! First off, when we woke up, Lance had this dog waiting for Brody and I! Lance is such a great secret keeper! And we all Love our dog, especially Brod!

Brody got this cute horse from grandma and grandpa. He LOVES it!

Here he is unwrapping presents. I'm surprised I even got a picture of that. He was happy to let us unwrap and then give him the toys!

More of Brod and his fun toys! Thanks Aunt Kimber- he loves to put his cars in it!

We all got spoiled and surprised! I got my sewing machine, and a band to go with my wedding ring! Lance got his boots and tons of things he needed and wanted. And Brody was down right spoiled! But from us he got lots of things to keep him quite in church:)


Hyder Ali said...

Yay! Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas. Isn't it so fun having a kid at this time of year!?! I received a sewing machine too. You'll have to teach me how to use it. I haven't sewn in quite a long time. Hopefully it will be like riding a bike. Now I need to hit up Hobby Lobby!

Hyder Ali said...

Oh....and your dog is gorgeous! What did you name him/her?

Kara said...

Christmas is so fun with kids, isn't it? I mean, I love it anyway, but the excitement that kids express is priceless!
Adorable dog too!

Amy said...

What's the doggy's name?? LOVE the snow pictures and the doggy is gorgeous! almost as cute as Brody! :)

The Seiuli's said...

What a good looking dog!!!! I can't believe it snowed, there was tons, of course I forgot to take pics! I'm glad you guys had a great holiday. Now we need to hang out again, haha!

Jamielyn said...

How fun! I bet Brody is just loving that dog! Carson looovess dogs...but I'm not that nice quite yet! ;)

Kacey's View said...

I didn't know that was your cousin?! haha I'm workin on that flower post girl.

Kody and Mary Sherwood said...

Hey you! I love reading your blog! You guys look like your just having a blast there in Sierra Vista. I wish we lived closer so we could do stuff together. I would love to meet your hubby and Brody! If you ever come to Mesa, lets get together. Hope your doing good!

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