Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Happenings

1. Eating From a Spoon

I'm so proud! He is such a big boy. And yes that's me on a day where I didn't get ready. You're lucky I didn't show my face! ha ha

2. Wedding Fun
jenny, rachel, brody, holly/ lance, trevor, adrienne

just us clawson's at the temple and the reception
Trevor (Lance's cousin)and Adrienne were sealed on Jan. 23! It was such a fun day. We were able to stay for half the week and we had so much fun seeing all of our family!

3. Sitting...

with slight assistance(all though he sat long enough for me to grab my camera, turn it on, and snap a photo) ! He is such a big boy...I just can't help bragging about him!

4. Lance's Late Night Talking
(sorry no picture)
...Let me just paint a picture with one of our night time conversations...
...It's 2:30am and I just climbed back into bed after feeding Brody and putting him back to bed. Lance rolls over and in the most serious, half-asleep voices says...
"Hey chels?"
Me: "Yeah?"
L:"Are you sitting on Brod, or is he ok?"
Me:"BAHHHAHAHA"(Laughing hysterically)
L:snoring away.
These conversations happen quite often and they just get better and better! I love it!


Karen said...

Oh my gosh I'm laughing out loud at your late night talk. That's hysterical.

Kacey's View said...

hahahahahaha oh Lance... that's funny. And that new header is sooo cute!!

Haymore Family said...

that is so cute i love little brod! And that is so funny that lance talks in his sleep! so funny!

Amy said...

AH! That made me laugh. Bret gets me to talk in my sleep sometimes and I say hysterical stuff too. Tell Lance, power to the sleep-talkers!

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