Friday, December 19, 2008

High School Tag

So I was looking at Adele and Amy's blog's and they did a fun high school tag...and I'm real bored, so here it goes...

1. Did you date someone from your high school? Nope.

2. What kind of car did you drive? I drove a '98 purple jeep wrangler... not barney purple looked real close to black.

3.Did you pass your driver's license test on the first try? ya, barely. I was driving Adele's green honda...which I had never driven before. and then I had to drive through construction and forgot to get in the turning lane when I turned left...woops.

4. Were you a party animal? No, not at all.

5. Were you considered a flirt? I don't think so, I was pretty shy.

6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? Ha ya...Dorkestra! Dr. Temme really hated me(I talked to much!)...which makes me laugh because he liked you, Adele. psh..

7.Were you a nerd? No. Well I hope not. haha. No really I had fun in high school with friends!

8. Were you on any varsity teams? Nope, I always kinda wanted to, but I was terrible at sports!

9. Did you get suspended/expelled? Nope.

10. Can you sing the fight song? Was there one?

11. Who was your favorite teacher? ummm.... I think her name was Ms. Nunez? in English, she was way nice. BUT I really hate school, so I can tell you who I didn't like, Mr. Vogl-for some kind of math and Mrs. Peterson-mythology (who takes that class anyway!). But my senior year I went to Beauty school instead and I LOVE Mrs. Lua! haha!

12. Where did you sit at lunch? umm..we had open lunch, so mostly home and taco bell, yum! And then in beauty school we had a good ole time in the back room. It was like a little cubby hole...We would take like 2-3 hour lunches..hahah.

13. What is your school's first name? Mountain View High School.

14. Did you go to Homecoming? and with who? Yea, senior year I went with Mike Grubbs.

15. Did you go to prom? Haha, ya. It was pretty fun. Harrison Rogers is a goof ball.

16. If you could go back and do it all again would you? No way!! I love my life one million times better now! Getting to have your best friend with you for eternity and the blessing of starting a family is so much better!

17. What do you remember about graduation night? It was hot and gross, with bugs flying around. But we went to the grad night party and then went to Whitney's house and swam, is that all we did? I can't remember everything...

18. Where did you go senior ditch day? I dont' even think I ditched. I've never ditched school, I was too scared. Not for school, but my parents would KILL me. ahah...I learned through my big sis.

19. Were you in any clubs? Nope

20. Have you gained weight since then? Well I don't want to brag, but no. I'm the same.

21. Are you planning on going back for the 10 year reunion? Probably, I don't see why not.

22. Did you have a job senior year? No, I was in beauty school from 10-5pm. That was enough work for me.

Wow, how funny. If you have any fun memories from high school, leave a comment, I wanna know!

Oh! and I have some good news! Today was Lance's last day working at the bank! Yea! Two weeks ago he put in his notice, because trying to work at the bank and running a business was too much! So he is all done and we couldn't be happier! Now we get to see him a lot more often and Brody and I are so so happy! We Love him so much!


Kacey's View said...

haha Oh High school? Let's go back to Junior high. "Chelsea Roxs"!! hahaha Wow so many memories. Glad I could share them with you Chels. I'm excited to see you again!

Amy said...

Wow, I'm excited for you that Lance gets to focus on his business! I can't wait until Bret can focus on JUST school or JUST work instead of both!!

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