Monday, June 29, 2009


So Wednesday we are leaving for Washington DC!!! YEAH!!! I'm so dang excited, especially since I have never been to the east coast...I know I know. But I'm slightly concerned about flying with a 91/2 month old! Any suggestions on keeping them contained for that long of a flight. I've already heard the "drug them with benedryl" thing. Which I'm seriously considering...but Please leave some comments of advise!
PS. I have so MANY pictures to come!!! yippee!


Julianne said...

I just flew to AZ and back with Emmie (12 mos). It isn't as bad as you think. Bring him tons of stuff to snack on and make sure he is well fed at the beginning of the flight and bring some toys he has never seen before. He will be great- plus you will have Lance there to hold him the whole time, right? See you in DC! (By the way, this is Julianne, Lance's favorite Clawson cousin)

The Nye's said...

never done it yet! Wer're driving to idaho this that should be interesting as well! Have fun in DC, i love it there!

laurdacooj said...

be careful with Benedryl!!!!! I tried it once on a flight with Jackson and it had adverse affects and he was so hiper and crazy! If you are going to do it, try it out first. My sis-in-law just told me you can get meletonan- the natural sleep producer in all of us and pop your kids a pill and off they go to dream land:)
Make sure you bring sucky things for take off/ landing and inbetween: bottle, binky, lollypops to keep their ears unplugged= slow foods too-and lots of books:)
ha ha ha- how fun for you... does he have his own seat or is he sitting on your laps?
have a fun trip!

linda said...

I love D.C been there a few times. So much to do and see! You will have fun, except the humidity, just don't staighten your hair. As for flying with the baby, as long as you have benadryl and a pacifier if he takes one and give him a bottle or sippy when you take off and land! Hope all goes well. Have fun!

Haymore Family said...

Just so you know, if you are going to try benedryl try it before. Bryson it seems to have the opposite affect and he bounces off the walls! i learned that at one in the morning when he was about Brody's age! Im excited for you though it will be awesome im sure, that is one try i would love to go on!

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