Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Little Tired, Slow, Busy, And Tired.

Reasons for being...
A Little Tired, Slow, Busy, and Tired.
1. Got back from DC last night...three hours later than we were suppose to. Let me explain. Our flight was going great...until our plane from Dallas to Tucson left late, and we sat on the plane for at least an hour before we took off. Then we finally made it to Tucson and made a pretty little circle and then detoured to phoenix b/c there was a storm and we were out of fuel. GREAT! So we landed in Phoenix, began to refuel and surprisingly needed to change some tires...why not! haha. Any who, we flew back to Tucson and had an hour drive to Sierra Vista. Home Sweet Home. Nevertheless, we had an amazing, eventful trip in Washington DC!
2. Jet Lag- I woke up at three-thirty AM to Brody happily playing in his crib. I waited a good 30 min. before getting him out...I'm tired and his naps are totally screwed up. But not to worry we are working it out...sort of.
3. LAUNDRY, up the wazoo! nuff said.
4. House work...once again...nuff said.
5. Grocery shopping...we have absolutely NO food.
On a Happier note..
On Monday, I got a voice mail from a store at our mall....I got real excited. And I good reason too!
Well a new store in the mall opened, called Maurice's (never heard of it till now, and if you haven't I wouldn't be surprised, we get terrible low class stores in our mall) Well, the day they opened my sister and I were there and I filled out a paper to enter a drawing, whelp!
K- nothing like this EVER happens to me, so I had to brag! BAH!
*And pictures and such to come about our awesome trip*


Kacey's View said...

"nuff said" haha I can't wait to see pictures! Congrats on winning the gift card! I think the only thing I ever won was a soccer ball at an assembly in like 2nd grade. I don't like soccer and Matt stole it from me before I even got home.

Heather said...

wow...that is a long plane ride for a lil boy. how did he do on the trip? or more importantly how did lance and you do?

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