Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nine Months...

Brody is Nine Months...
He is so dang funny! He is always cracking us up with his growling voice and his sweet laugh.
Three days ago Brody started saying "Dada," and hasn't stopped since. It is so darn cute!

He can sometimes be a little dramatic when he doesn't get something he wants...I didn't know they started that already. It's pretty awesome how much he really understands.

A couple weeks ago he got to see his cousins. It's so funny how different him and his almost one year old cousin are. From the back they look basically identical!

Last Sunday we had to lower his bed. He learned to pull himself up about a week and half ago, but he had started throwing his binkie off the side of the crib. So Sunday we decided we needed to lower it, before he threw himself off.
He Loves the vacuum. And It takes me forever to finish cleaning a room. So if you remember Brody's fascination with the laundry baskets...Whelp, I just cage him up until I finish vacuuming and he doesn't mind at all!

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The Nye's said...

how fun! I can't wait till Carson can say mama and dada :). I think all babies LOVE vacuums. The noise must be a soothing for them.

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