Monday, December 1, 2008

I Love Christmas!

I'm so happy it's Christmas time! So this week my husband is gone for three days, which stinks big time, But I'm going to keep myself way busy and put Christmas decorations! And I think I'll watch some Christmas movies while I'm at it! I love this time of year, I was watching a Christmas program on PBS...haha I know. Ya know those ones where they show you part of the program and then beg for money...ha. Well, it was a music program and they were singing about how people are so nice and cheerful during this season... it's so true though. But what's sad is why can't some of those people be happy all year long and not just at Christmas. Which reminds me of this grouchy old man that lives in our neighborhood. He walks his dog and smokes a cigar everyday at 5 pm. funny I know. But I see him almost everyday and wave at him, but he just looks at me and keeps walking. So rude huh? I wonder what he's thinking everytime I wave at him. is he mad? is he not all there? ha... I don't know. But I think we all just need to be a little more friendly all year round, say hi to people, make small talk with random people. We don't have to put up a block wall to everyone...yes definitly to those creepy Chester's...but anyway that's just a little somethin I've been thinking about. Oh and I totally watched a fun Christmas movie the day after Thanksgiving with my sister's. We watch this wonderful movie every year, and I love it so much...I'll probably watch it like five more times. If you haven't seen White Christmas, it's a must!

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The Nye's said...

yay for christmas time! I don't think I've ever seen that one, I'll have to watch it! As for the old man, I'm sure you make his day every time you smile at him!

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