Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh How I Love These Two Guys!

This holiday season was wonderful thanks to my wonderful husband and sweet son! Brody was so much fun, even though he doesn't understand Christmas, I had so much fun going to Tucson and buying him presents! But this post is mostly a tribute to my sweet husband. For Christmas we drove to Mesa on Christmas Eve, then after spending Christmas with my family we drove back to Sierra Vista. Then turned around and spent the rest of the week in Tucson at the Starr Pass Resort with the Clawson's. Then we came back to Sierra Vista.....and once again left after church to go have dinner in Thatcher with the Allred's. Lets just say I'm exhasted! Lance realized that I was so so tired, so when we got home at 8pm, he took Brody, and I went and relaxed in a hot bath! (I LOVE LOVE baths)Pure Bliss. When I came down stairs Lance had made a fire and was feeding Brody a bottle. And on top of that, since Lance isn't working at the bank anymore, I get to see him more often! And yesterday, he offered to go grocery shopping for me! He is such a sweetheart! Thank you Lancer, I Love you!


Karen said...

Nice job Chelsea, on picking the perfect man for your life. It's an important choice, and you did well.

Haymore Family said...

wow you have him trained! that is so sweet, i hate the grocery store! not that i really have to go but i did hate it! cute fam.

The Nye's said...

cute family pic!! He is the perfect blend of both of you! And I love those chubby cheeks of his!

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