Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Jett turned 7 months on Sept. 12th, Brody's birthday

A couple things about Jett:

He started this funny sniffing thing. He loves to impress us with it. It's so cute!

Here we are at our first HS football game of the season
nice hair Jett, must get it from his mommy. haha.

It's hard for Brody to share his cars, but every once in a while Jett is lucky enough to play with them.

Yes I let my kids watch tv. And Jett has a favorite. Every time he is fussy beyond comfort, we turn on backyardigans, and it cheers him up.

This was Jett's first trim. NOT a haircut. He had some ridiculously long hairs around his cowlick that were out of control. Lance constantly begs me to buzz our boys hair. But every mom will agree with me. I'm not cutting that beautiful baby hair off!

Jett is also...


-Pulling up, and can hold on with one hand

-tries to stand

-eats just about anything

-wishing his teeth would come in, so he could eat "real" food

-loves bread, mashed bananas & potatoes, ice cream, trying to drink from a cup.

-playing with the magnet letters on the fridge

-following his brother around, even if he's teasing him.

-walking while holding something, like the couch or Brod's big car.

I thought Brody was physically fast, but I think Jett is trying to keep up with him and doing things a lot quicker than I anticipated.

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