Monday, September 12, 2011

He's Three!

My little baby is Three today!

Let's go back in time...

Born @ 3:40pm

8lbs. 13oz & 20 1/2"


Brody turned One!


Brody turned 2!


Here we are

Brody is 3!

This kid sure is happy, energetic, spirited! Brody has sure given us a run for our money. But looking through all these pictures has me thinking of what a sweet boy he can be. I've loved what a snuggler he is. I appreciate all his help when Jett was born. I love the special, quiet moments when "no one" is watching & he is sweet & kind to his younger brother.
Happy Birthday to my big boy! You're the best & Mom and Dad love you, along with many others!


The Seiuli's said...

Happy Birthday Brody! We need to get together again soon. ;)

The Sorensens. said...

happy bday!

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