Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Party

Beware: this post is super long
Today was a special day. Brody turned 3 & Jett turned 7 months!

Sunday September 11, 2011
We started the celebrating the day before. Holly came down and after dinner Brody got to open some gifts & eat cake!

Brody got SO many gifts. Most of them being cars! Although he got many puzzles from Grandma- which he is so good at!

Then we ate cake & ice cream

I think we can all say that this was the face of the weekend. Every time we asked him to smile, this is what we got.

He loved his cars & chocolate cake

...But mostly just ate the frosting off the cupcakes.

Monday September 12, 2011

Brody woke up to balloons all over his room. He was so excited. Daddy went and picked up birthday doughnuts.(our new tradition).

We took some quick birthday pictures

And headed to the mall to play at the play area & get some candy- he always chooses those rock hard bananas.

Then at 5, we headed to Peter Piper Pizza. I asked Brody if he wanted to invite friends & have a birthday party at our house. But everytime, he would tell me no, I want to go to Peter Piper Pizza. I can't complain, it was so low key, but we had a blast!

The boys: Lance, Tanner, & Mike. They started a basketball tournament. Of course, Mike won, but kimber didn't come too far behind!

All of us collected our tickets & at the end gave them to Brody. It wasn't a surprise when all he wanted was the hot wheels.

Then he opened some more presents...mostly boring ole clothes from mom. haha. But he loved the new car wash. Which is his favorite thing to do. Clean cars.

Here's a little video of us singing happy birthday to Brody. For the Granny.

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