Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

I'm finally getting around to posting about Christmas. This year was super fun! We stayed here in Sierra Vista with the Clawson's.

I was really excited for Brody this year, because he really understood. Although I think he understands a little too well. He likes to act too cool when something is exciting. He didn't think he really needed to be nice when it came to Santa. Well, I had Santa send him an email. It was awesome, Santa spoke right to Brody and asked him to be nice to his little brother. I really thought this would get him....but alas it didn't. All the threatenings in the world didn't work.

Well, some of our friends said they had a full Santa suit & they would come visit Brody on Christmas Eve! I was so excited. Christmas Eve we had Ribs, Potatoes, Texas Roadhouse Roll etc. It was SO good! After dinner, Santa came. Brody was SO nervous, I'm shocked he didn't run out of the room. He was really hesitant, but then trusted him as soon as Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas. "A Robot." ....might I add, he has never asked for a robot. Great now Santa's going to be a liar.

Santa told Brody he needed to go to bed as soon as he left. And that's basically what happened. Daddy read Brody his Christmas book & he went to bed. Later that night our friend called us & said that he had a robot that used to be their boys. Awesome!

Here are the boys ready to open presents!

Brody was so excited when he saw his robot!

So this is a funny story. Lance kept this little number hidden from me...he loves to do that. Well, it's 6am & he wants to show us the Christmas present. He runs out the door, slips on the icy patch, & lands right on his back. Mind you this icy patch has been there since he was little. I'm glad I have a husband that chooses to laugh, because I would have sure been crying!

Brody opened the gifts.....Jett played with the gifts.

Riding the four wheeler that Grandma & Grandpa got them.

Brody was a great big brother & takes Jett on lots of rides

Our 3 year old!

This is the tent that Lance & I made for the boys. They love watching TV in it. Lance & Brody have even slept in it.

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