Saturday, January 7, 2012

2011 Review

-Awaiting the arrival of Baby Boy #2.
-Couldn't decide on a name
-Very Large...

-I was induced & Baby Boy arrived on the 12th.
-Finally decided on a name. Jett McRae was 7lbs. 13oz. & 19".

-We figured out that Jett had Colic.
-I decided to stop nursing at 7 wks & put him on sensitive formula.
-We had our first Sunday back to Church.

-Lance was released from Young Mens.
-Brody had a hard time adjusting to the new baby.
-I had a rough time adjusting to 2 boys.
-Jett began gaining weight.
-We spent Easter at the park & then in Thatcher with cousins.
-We finally had our first swimming day!
-Jett was blessed at the beginnning of April!

-Brody showed interest in being a big brother, by feeding Jett a bottle
-Jett started holding his own bottle!
-Jett sleeps through the night!

-Jett is lifting his head great.
-Jett is the easiest baby which helps me spend more time with Brody.
-We try to get rid of naps for Brody....FAIL.
-Jett's first time eating rice cereal...FAIL. He hates it.
-Took family pictures in Queen Creek with my sister.
-Jett is 4 months old.

-Terrible fires ripped through our mountains.
-The City cancelled the fire works.
-The Jones' came down for the 4th & we had fun in Bisbee.
-Stopped using the swing for naps.
-Jett loves his feet!
-We went to the international animal museum in Tucson, and had a surprise dinner with the Folau's!
-Brody has really enjoyed playing with Jett.
-Daddy left for a full week in Alaska, fishing....That was not an easy week for me.

-lost another I got a new one!
-trying to feed Jett food, still had to force rice cereal in a bottle.
-Jett is 6 months!
-Army crawling & almost sitting.

-Brody is 3!
-Party at Peter Piper Pizza
-First Buena football game.
-Jett's pulling up to furniture.
-Jett becomes obsessed with Backyardigans.
-teething begins
-Brody is having a hard time sharing toys...especially his cars.

-Work became really busy for Lance. We needed some time together. So we headed to Summerhaven in Tucson.
-Had our first freezing night. It was really cold.
-Jett's first taste of chocolate was on his 8 month birthday.
-Brody went camping with the Scouts.
-Family Fun Fair with the Folau's
-We went to Apple Annie's for the 3rd year. After we headed to Jennifer's ranch for lunch
-Lance got a deer on the 2nd day of his hunt!
-Jett gets his first hair cut.
-His first tooth finally came in.
-The boys were a pirate & skeleton for Halloween. No trunk or treat this year.

-The leaves on my favorite tree finally turned color!
-Jett's 2nd tooth came in.
-Jett turns 9 months & he is...standing, crawling, taking steps, & climbing on everything.
-He shakes his head no when anything is loud, he's dancing, or he doesn't want anymore food.
-We spent Thanksgiving with my family at the cabin for the weekend.

-We decorated cookies.
-Saw the Santa Claus' in the park
-Went to the Christmas light parade....& FROZE.
-Jett says dadda. All the time.
-He got his top 2 teeth.
-Brody went to Primary for singing time. And was very nervous.
-Jett is cruising all around...he is basically walking & falls down a lot.
-He hates food, especially pasta. He acts like he is choking.
-Jett got sick with for the first time.
-I got the stomach flu for the first time...and Lance went down with me. It was terrible!
-Brody sings alllllll the time.
-Lance & I spent our anniversary at the Buttes in Tempe.
-Santa visited Brody on Christmas Eve.
-Christmas was spent at Grandma & Grandpa Clawson's home.

2011 was great. We had some learning times but over all I loved it. I'm sure excited for 2012 though! Jett turns one! woop woop! We have just made a business change that will bring us more success. And we will be moving sometime this year into a new home!


Amy said...

What a great year! I love these pics, they are ADORABLE! I can't believe how much the boys are growing. Especially Jett already walking. Holy cow!
Glad you guys had a great year!

The Sorensens. said...

I love the year in review updates. YOu guys are so cute! Are you guys building a house?? That is so exciting :)

The Clawson's said...

Thanks girls. I love these updates too, especially when I look back to previous years. Aubry, we are building...sometime soon. thank you, we are super excited! Are you guys now moving to Thatcher? For more schooling or just for a change?

The Seiuli's said...

Very awesome year! I like the other posts too. Too bad you didn't get a picture of Lance falling in mid air or something, that is funny! Painful I'm sure but funny! Your Christmas card is funny too, I would have never noticed if you didn't say anything. Haha! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever either. It's not hard to miss me, I am already showing like a crazy woman, it's exciting but weird too to be this big already. I hope it's a boy too but if it's a girl it will be better for the wallet. ;0

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