Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spotlight on Brody

I just thought I'd do a little spotlight on Brody,

since this blog seems to be all about Jett lately.

This picture was when Brody got to go camping with daddy.

He loves to do anything with daddy. Lance takes him to work with

him often. Which is a big perk for me!

Brody insisted on taking his nap in the toy box, and he did...for 2 hrs. Brody is a pretty strong-willed boy. Which can be pretty hard to handle now. But I know it will be a very good personality trait later in life, as long as Lance & I can direct him on the right path

Brody has a great imagination. This particular time they were going on a plane ride.
He would say over & over. "Jett are you buckled in? Ready for take off?" It was really hilarious. But what they really love to pretend is going camping. Brody packs their bags, gets blankets & pillows together & they camp behind the rocking chair. I'm very excited for Christmas present...which has something to do with camping.

Brody is silly. He loves making people laugh. He's a lot like his daddy. His favorite songs right now are...Justin Bieber's 'Baby,' Party Rock Anthem, & Dj's got us fallin in love. We hear these three songs ALL day long.

Since we decided to put Jett in Brody's old car seat, we had to get Brody a big boy car seat. And of course, he loves it. He is growing up so big. Starting in December, in Nursery we started taking the older group of kids to Singing Time in Primary. Brody was included in this huge class of boys (there are only 2 girls). It was SO cute. They were all very nervous. Of course when they came back to Nursery I asked Brody how it went. He acted too cool, but told me he helped the teacher build the snowman. I'm so proud of him & excited for him to be in Primary- he is definitely ready to not be in Nursery.

We love our Bobo. He sure gives us a run for our money. His energy is crazy, & keeping him busy is key. I know he is going to be a strong boy as he grows up. Love you baby boy.

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Amy said...

That crazy kid is going to grow up into an awesome young man. I've got faith in him. :)

Love you Brody!

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