Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Happenings

On Dec. 3rd, we went to the Sierra Vista Christmas Parade.


This picture just shows you how cold it was. Brody was freezing!

Grandma Clawson & Bobo

Kimber, me, & Jett

This was the best picture of Lance & Brod. But I still think their cute in there matching jackets

Christmas Cookies

This last Monday for FHE, we made sugar cookies.

Here we are rolling out the dough & picking out cookie cutters

Brody is either really excited or hiped up on frosting...probably a bit of both

Frosting cookies.

We had a blast. Brody tends to get a bit excited which usually means a ton of "accidents." Then leads to mom getting frustrated- which I shouldn't. But lets just say, Monday was filled with it.

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