Monday, August 31, 2009

Workin Man

Yesterday I ran across these photos as was burning my pictures to a CD, and couldn't help but put these two up.

Lately Brody has been wanting to be outside...ALL DAY! He gets SO black from head to toe. But If he's happy I'm happy. Well this day, Lance was servicing all of his equipment and Brody wanted to help him and Zach! He was stinky, black, oily--but he was LOVIN it!


Spencer and Marlee said...

I LOVE those pictures! I really like your family pictures at the top of your blog! SO CUTE!!! I can't believe how Bode is totally a mini Lance!!

The Rohners said...

haha what a boy!! That's so fun, he's adorable :)

Angie Milne said...

ah so cute! i agree with the first comment, he totally looks like a mini-lance! seems like he'll BE just like him too :)

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