Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eleven Months Today!

Eleven Months.
This really isn't fair...they grow WAY too fast!
As you can see in most of these pictures, Brod is only in a diaper. He hates clothes and hates being dressed. And if I let him he would love to be completely naked. Brody loves to get his hair cut and giggles the whole time I use the buzzers. He basically gets a hair cut every six weeks...haha.
He climbs on everything and anything and usually gets hurt. Two weeks ago he mastered the dishwasher...He loves to pull the silverware out while I' m putting the dishes away
FOOD! He likes to eat like a big I let him. He probably gets a bath twice a day.
And he definitely knows how to throw a temper tantrum. I'm really scared for the terrible two's!
This was Brody's first time at a birthday party. He loves swimming and being in the water.
One more month and then he will be ONE!!!


Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

I'm pretty sure I say this everytime you post how old he is, but I really can't believe he's already 11 months! One more month and you will have a 1 year old, what?! He's such a little stud!

Kelsey Stenquist said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe he's almost 1!! He's growing up so fast! When will you guys be down here again??

The Nye's said...

that is crazy he is almost 1! Where are our babies?!

angie milne photography said...

oh my gosh! what a cutie!!! i cannot believe how old he is already! you need to come visit again soon!

linda said...

Time for anthother! He is darling, they do grow up too fast don't they!

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