Monday, February 9, 2009

Snip Snip, Chop Chop


about two nights ago, at approximately 4am. I was lying in bed thinking about doing hair, and how much I missed it! So yesterday Lance and I thought up an entire business plan and I'm gonna do hair again! I'm just going to do it out of my home, and as soon as I get all the equipment I will start doing color too.

Services include:

Hair cuts, boy cuts, updos, waxing (eyebrow, lip, and face).

and possibly manicures and pedicures- because I really love to give them (I know I'm weird)

Since I'm just starting out my prices are pretty low.

And as soon as I can I'm buying this beaut!

Go ahead and email me for appointments:


Justin and Kelsey said...

Thats exciting Chels! That was me too, I didn't do hair for so long that I didn't think I'd want to get back into it, but now that I have I LOVE it!! Thats exciting that you'll be doing it in your house! Good luck with everything!

The Nye's said...

how fun! you definitely should start doing hair again, its so fun! That will be nice to be doing it out of your home.

Karen said...

Great idea Chelsea. Congratulations!

When will your Valley branch open up?

laurdacooj said...

woo-hoo! I need a lovely beautician! Let me know when you are starting up???? I'm need to go blond... I'm missing it, and a new style!

Haymore Family said...

you crack me up! i thought you were tired of it! well in that case you can cut my hair when i get the guts to do it!!!! or just fix mine now!

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

That's so exciting! I'm gonna have to call you to set something up, I'll take one of everything! ;) lol

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