Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Girls Night!!!

So Friday morning we got packed up and drove to Mesa!!! Yippee!!That night we went to wonderful OREGANOs with Lance's cousins and sister! Which was so much fun and of course the food was AMAZING! Oh how I love pizzookis. Then Saturday was one of my BF- Lauren Abernethy's bridal Shower. Kacey and her mom did an amazing job. Those cookies were so so cute!

And I wish I would have been on top of things and get some pictures...but I was busy having too much fun. AND THEN that night we had a girls night! Kels and I made desserts crepes...and they were OH SO GOOD!!! We had so much fun catching up and comparing all the cute babies! Thanks girls for making my trip to Mesa a fun one!

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The Nye's said...

that was fun! Yup those crapes were really good... I really want one right now!

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